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The Twisted Delights of Abject Art

by Patrick Neal on August 5, 2015

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During the summer, as Labor Day approaches and people flee the city for vacation, Ferris wheels and circus tents can be seen in the distance announcing the arrival of fairs across the counties.

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Post image for Graffiti Artists Sue 5Pointz Developer for Whitewashing Their Murals

Nine artists are suing Jerry Wolkoff, the owner of the 5Pointz site in Long Island City, Queens, for destroying their murals when his company G&M Realty had the building whitewashed in November 2013.

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Post image for New York City Bill Could Give Citizens Greater Say in Public Art Process

New legislation to be submitted to the New York City Council on Tuesday could bring an end to a decades-long debate surrounding democracy and public art.

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Post image for Stray Dogs, Argentine Zines, and Subterranean Art at SculptureCenter

The three exhibitions currently on display at Long Island City’s SculptureCenter reveal the institution’s commitment to recognizing broad swaths of contemporary art.

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Installation view of

Thematic exhibitions present a unique dilemma; if a curator follows a theme too rigidly, the exhibition can become stifling. If applied too loosely, the curator essentially undermines their own role.

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Post image for Guerilla Sculpture Critiques Big-Budget Public Art Commission

An anonymous work of protest art appeared on Jackson Avenue in Long Island City on Wednesday morning, but unlike much of the protest art that has been seen on the streets of US cities lately, this one targeted a very local and specific issue: Another work of public art.

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5Pointz mid-demolition

The owner of 5Pointz, the former artists’ studio complex and graffiti center in Queens that is currently being demolished, is trying to trademark the name “5Pointz” in order to market the apartments that will be built on the lot.

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Post image for 4 Long Island City Art Institutions Launch Free Shuttle Bus

It’s no secret that Long Island City art institutions have long had problems drumming up foot traffic to their spaces in western Queens, but four of them have joined forces because they believe a shuttle bus may just help.

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Post image for The End of the World as We Know It

Radiator Arts continues to energize the Long Island City art community. Its mission of showcasing new and emerging artists and curators makes for a remarkably varied program from show to show, but the installations are always topical to a particular theme. Their new exhibit, curated by painter and writer Alan Lupiani, is a heady mix that will leave you ruminating about the state of the U.S. and the world at large. Titled So Real, a contraction of both social realism and Socialist Realism, the exhibit ponders the inherent paradoxes and unlikely commonalities of these two artistic realms.

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Post image for A Journey Round Artists’ Skulls: Headscapes

For a total contrast to the sterile feel of many of the swarming art fairs this week in New York, where most art is untouchable in its protective frames, go to Long Island City to experience Headscapes. The group exhibition of over 25 artists doesn’t just encourage you to touch, but to crawl and climb inside installations as a playground of conceptual sculpture in an empty warehouse. The idea of this “brainstorm of installations” is to get inside the artists’ heads and immerse yourself in their mental worlds. It’s also something of a mini-fair of the creative arts constructors, the large part based in Brooklyn, who turn to boat building, DIY underground venues, and installations in abandoned spaces for their art, such as the Boatel, the art collective Rabid Hands, and Empire Drive-In. Corresponding work is being shown at the Scope fair this week (March 6 – 10) by See.Me, which is hosting a gallery component of Headscapes in its headquarters space next door to the warehouse.

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