Los Angeles

Post image for Activists in LA’s Boyle Heights Serve Galleries with Eviction Notices

LOS ANGELES — “No one is an innocent actor in the fine art of gentrification,” said a woman with a bandana covering her face, as she stood with dozens of protesters last Saturday evening outside of Museum as Retail Space, a gallery in the Eastside neighborhood of Boyle Heights.

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Catherine Opie’s Intimate Photographs of S&M

by Erin Joyce on August 31, 2016

Post image for Catherine Opie’s Intimate Photographs of S&M

LOS ANGELES — If you visited LA this summer, it would have been hard for you to ignore the presence of Robert Mapplethorpe.

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Post image for The Prolific Output of a Chronicler of Chicano Lives and Struggles

LOS ANGELES — As I arrived recently at the Fowler Museum, I made a beeline toward the José Montoya exhibition, rushing past a beautifully situated cloister and a series of photographs recording the efforts of the Legalize LA labor activist campaign.

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Post image for Bringing Murals to the Streets of One of LA’s Poorest Neighborhoods

LOS ANGELES — At the intersection of 48th Street and Wall Street in South Central Los Angeles, a homeless man pushes a cart filled with blankets and clothes.

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Post image for A Filmmaker Probes the Magic and Madness of Female Adolescence

LOS ANGELES — As a woman who was once a teenage girl, I have a certain fondness for any filmic or visual art that harkens back to that time of intense, unbridled feelings, awkward physical changes, and sexual desires running wild ’n free.

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Post image for University of Southern California BFA Students Speak Out and Burn Work in Solidarity with #USC7

LOS ANGELES — Since the entire first year MFA class at USC Roski School of Art and Design dropped out in May, the turbulence surrounding the program has been well documented, but little attention has been paid to the undergraduates.

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Post image for A Deconstructed Hunting Cabin Filled with Fabricated Memories

LOS ANGELES — April Street’s solo exhibition Lay Down Your Arms, currently on view at the West Hollywood gallery Various Small Fires, is both visually engaging and spatially distinct.

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Post image for Long Live the Triforium! Reviving LA’s Public Art Boondoggle

LOS ANGELES — The Triforium was supposed to be a beacon for Los Angeles’ future, but forty years after its completion, the public artwork has yet to fulfill the vision of its creator.

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Post image for A Skull Carved from a Meteorite Lands on the Auction Block

The skull is a universal symbol of mortality, appearing in artworks by everyone from Hans Holbein the Younger and Albrecht Dürer to Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

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Post image for A Conversation with Curator Eric Nakamura on the Fourth Giant Robot Biennale

LOS ANGELES — While museum biennials can generally feel like lofty affairs, the Giant Robot Biennale 4 at the Japanese American National Museum takes a more populist approach to its roster of visual artists and illustrators, presenting sketchbooks and zines as well as paintings and sculptures.

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