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An Encyclopedia of Kitsch

by Alicia Eler on September 16, 2014

Sara Cwynar's 'The Kitsch Encyclopedia,' published by Blonde Art Books

LOS ANGELES — It took a while for me to actually sit down and stop flipping through the channels and start leafing through Sara Cwynar’s gorgeous book, The Kitsch Encyclopedia.

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Revisiting Steve McQueen’s Early Work

by Erin Joyce on September 15, 2014

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LOS ANGELES — In a city whose name is synonymous with the motion picture industry, it’s common for the worlds of film and art to collide. It’s less common, however, for them to collide in a way that’s critical and not simply flirting with the idea of celebrity.

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In the Spirit of Summer Memories

by Alicia Eler on August 22, 2014

Scott Benzel,

LOS ANGELES — The summer months are a time of slowing down, going out, hitting the beach, and drinking far too many iced coffee beverages. And yes, I even remember you., a five-person group show at Aran Cravey Gallery curated by Eric Kim, wraps up the summer season nicely, reminding visitors of the slippery line between personal stories and broader histories.

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This Journal Is Not a Market

by Alicia Eler on July 7, 2014

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LOS ANGELES — Here’s the problem: “It is how people come to see art as a tool, a flavor, or a device.” So says Charlie White, editor of The Enemy, a triannual online journal that publishes long-form essays on criticism, social science, poetry, celebrity, and other cultural interests.

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Post image for Sowing Wildflowers Across Los Angeles as Hyperlocal Public Art

Fifty sites in Los Angeles are now blooming with beautiful wildflowers as part of an artist-led initiative to bring back native flora to the city’s open spaces.

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Post image for Hollywood Counternarratives: A Fictional Female Warner Brothers

LOS ANGELES — Phyllis McGillicuddy strode out of the bathroom, heading toward a podium that overlooked a room packed with fans and friends alike. It had been a while since Phyllis left her home in suburban Glendale, where she lives with multiple cats and manages the Prescott Pictures Society, home to memorabilia from Hollywood’s Prescott Pictures.

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Post image for An Androgynous Suffragette Portrait, Rediscovered

LOS ANGELES — Mind-altering conversations happen by chance, randomly, when we are least expecting them to occur.

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Post image for Laboring Over Walead Beshty’s Bodies

LOS ANGELES — Walead Beshty’s solo exhibition at Regen Projects, Selected Bodies of Work, claims to “address bodies and labor as they are rendered visible in or on the art object.” Where and what are these bodies and labor?

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Printing the Performative Object

by Alicia Eler on March 18, 2014

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Outside of his own performance art practice, which fluidly intersects with his life, Brian Getnick and artist/designer Tanya Rubbak collaboratively publish the LA-based performance art journal Native Strategies.

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Post image for Report Touts Strength of Corporate Creative Class in Los Angeles

Economics rarely motivate people to go into the arts, and that’s fine — what isn’t fine are smoke-and-mirror attempts at falsely touting fiscal health of “the arts” under the guise of rigorous economic research.

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