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The Louvre Is Empty

by Jillian Steinhauer on November 20, 2015

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One week after terrorists killed 129 people in Paris, the French capital remains quiet, including its museums.

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Post image for Angered Archaeologists Allow Thousands to Enter the Louvre for Free

On Thursday about 100 peeved archaeologists took over the lobby of the Louvre in Paris, blocking the ticket booths for nearly five hours and allowing visitors to enter the museum without paying admission.

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Post image for French Museum Collections in Trouble

A government audit of 1,218 French museums has revealed that some 80% do not know the full contents of their collections, with many collections facing further serious hazards, Libération reported.

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Post image for Blowing Smoke: Robert Wilson Agog Over Gaga in Louvre Show

PARIS — I was lucky enough, and I am old enough, to have been in the audience of Philip Glass and Robert Wilson’s Einstein on the Beach in 1976 at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York, and then again at The Brooklyn Academy of Music in 1984.

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Post image for Museums Beware: Thousands of Fake Louvre Tickets Discovered

China has become famous for its shanzhai culture of imitation, and now, to a long list of arty knockoffs that includes everything from iconic paintings to pop art, we can add museum tickets. Specifically, tickets to the Louvre.

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Post image for Countdown to Abu Dhabi Begins in Paris

The next few years are going to have the art world’s focus zooming in more and more on West Asia, or at least that’s the expectation of mammoth museums like the Louvre and Guggenheim which both plan to open shiny new outposts in Abu Dhabi. As something of a lead up to this era of eastern art expansion, Walid Raad is collaborating with the Louvre on a project taking place over three years, which began with the opening of the Louvre’s new wing for Islamic Arts in Paris and will continue to their opening in Abu Dhabi in 2015.

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Post image for Quelle horreur! Louvre Strike Against Pickpocketing Menaces

Tens of thousands of the visitors who mob the Louvre each day drawn by those sirens the slightly smiling Mona Lisa, the amputated beauty the Venus de Milo, and the windswept Winged Victory of Samothrace had their hopes dashed like ships against the rocks by a staff strike in response to pickpocketing. Adding to France’s storied history of disruptive strikes of questionable impact, the Paris museum was shut down Wednesday with a 200 member staff walkout.

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Post image for Woman Vandalizes Iconic Delacroix Painting at the Louvre

What is it with art vandalism these days? First there was the Picasso at the Menil Collection last summer, then the Rothko at the Tate Modern. Now a woman has defaced Delacroix’s “Liberty Leading the People” at an outpost of the Louvre. Is this some kind of weird, terrible trend?

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Post image for Dallas Museum of Art Joins New Worldwide Push for Islamic Art

The Dallas Art Museum announced today that it has named Sabiha Al Khemir as its first Senior Advisor of Islamic Art. The move comes at a time when many museums the world over are making a push to support Islamic art’s place in the historical canon.

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Post image for Hipsters at the Louvre and Illuminated Hollywood Films

The Behance Network is hosting two projects that blend classical and contemporary in clever, playful ways.

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