Man Bartlett

Screenshot of Amalia Ulman's Instagram project

How do you capture and preserve the experience of a new media artwork created on Twitter in 2010? How do you re-create the design and feel of Twitter’s interface at that time, and populate that interface with users’ contemporaneous profile photos?

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Post image for Selling Out: The Impact of Corporate Social Media Space on Art

Can you imagine ads being sold on a Mark Rothko canvas? Sponsorships, perhaps, stuck discreetly to a corner of the canvas? After all, artworks get a lot of eyeballs, and that audience isn’t really getting monetized as much as it could be.

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Post image for What’s the Best Way to Show Digital Art, Both Online and Off?

What’s the best way to show artwork — both made for the web and not — online? How do we bring net art into the physical space of a gallery? These are two of the questions that curators, artists, and others in the art world are increasingly confronting and most likely will be for a while. Two attempts to answer them recently converged in my inbox, and both intrigued me enough to be worth a look.

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Post image for Get a Piece of Marina Abramović

On eBay right now, you can buy a piece of tape used to mark the position of the visitors’ chair for Marina Abramović’s epic 2010 performance at the Museum of Modern Art. That might strike you as a fairly minute and extreme bit of fan ephemera, which it may very well be. But it’s also an artwork by Man Bartlett.

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Twitter as Art

by Ben Valentine on July 13, 2012

Post image for Twitter as Art

After thinking through the idea of Tumblr as art, I began to find the difference between various social media platforms glaringly obvious. Marshall McCluhan’s phrase “the medium is the message” came to mind. How do settings and mediums change or possibly mandate artistic intention? After exploring Tumblr’s unique qualities, I wanted to expand the focus to another relatively new platform for artistic creation, Twitter.

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Why I Deleted My Facebook Account

by Man Bartlett on July 10, 2012

Post image for Why I Deleted My Facebook Account

In 2010 I came close. It was around the time that there was a big stink about Facebook’s changes to its Privacy Policy. Remember that? No? It’s cool, I’d forgotten too, despite how upset I was at the time. I told myself then that I couldn’t afford to leave my “network.” And that was probably true. Facebook provided a lot of visibility for my art practice and directly led to at least a few sales. But this time was different. I’ll get to the “why” in a minute, but first, the “how.”

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Conserving the Digital

by Ben Valentine on June 14, 2012

Post image for Conserving the Digital

Responsibility for conservation or the decision to choose not to, is a growing question, and rests mostly on the artist.

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Post image for A View from the Easel, Part 6

CHICAGO — The sixth installment of a series in which artists send me a photo and a description of their workspace. This week, Brooklyn, Portland, London, Baltimore and Ashford, Connecticut.

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Post image for A Report from #ArtsTech’s Social Media Art Panel

On Wednesday I attended “Social Media Week Edition: Social Media Art,” the newest in a series of Arts, Culture and Technology Meetups. These meetups, organized by Julia Kaganskiy, global editor for The Creators Project and co-director of Blue Box Gallery, are all about the potential for technology in and out of the art world.

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Post image for Watch #ArtsTech Social Media Art Panel Live Online Tonight at 7:30pm EST

We listed tonight’s #ArtsTech social media art panel in last week’s Art Rx and — as expected — it’s sold out! Over 125 people have RSVPs and the waiting list is 75 people deep. Thankfully the group has decided to livestream the event tonight between 7:30 and 9pm EST.

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