Marina Abramovic

Post image for Ecological Art that Miniaturizes (and Minimizes) Climate Change

PARIS — Climats Artificiels at the Espace Fondation EDF is an impertinent and multigenerational group show of contemporary art — heavy on miniature biosphere mockups — that raises the question of the current value of ironic artificiality.

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Playing Back 50 Years of Video Art

by Sarah Rose Sharp on February 1, 2016

Post image for Playing Back 50 Years of Video Art

EAST LANSING, Mich. — As digital and web-based forms of dissemination have competed with video art, what is left to distinguish it as a standalone genre?

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Post image for Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Bach but Were Afraid to Ask Marina Abramović

We are too distracted, too stressed out to listen to music properly. That’s the idea behind Goldberg, the music concert/installation/participatory performance art piece currently at the Park Avenue Armory.

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In Brief

The Artist Is Pissed: Ulay Sues Marina Abramović

by Carey Dunne on November 12, 2015

Post image for The Artist Is Pissed: Ulay Sues Marina Abramović

Marina Abramović, the world’s only household name performance artist — Shia LaBeouf notwithstanding — is being sued by her former collaborator and lover, the German artist Ulay.

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Post image for Marina Abramović Is “Very Pissed” at Jay Z [UPDATED]

It’s been nearly two years since Marina Abramović made her appearance at the shoot for Jay Z’s “Picasso Baby” music video, but the events of that day are still fresh in her mind.

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Post image for Artists Serve Up the Radical Power of Eating

MINNEAPOLIS — I have to admit, I was a little wary of going to see an art exhibition that I presumed would consist of leftovers from a one-off, amazing, artist-led dinner, a show littered with lengthy documents about a great event I missed.

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The Funerals of Artists

by Allison Meier on April 1, 2015

Post image for The Funerals of Artists

As a last statement, our funerals are remarkable as much for their uniformity as for their conclusion of highly personal lives.

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Post image for False Facts and Anti-Curator Hysterics Won’t Fix the Museum of Modern Art

I generally stay out of public arguments about the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). I feel too close, yet I’m not an insider.

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Post image for The Limits of What We Can Learn from Food-Themed Art

Food, broadly defined, is a necessary sustenance that may also incorporate artistic practice — cooking, cuisine, and presentation.

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David Shrigley's

MIAMI BEACH — “There’s a lot of product going on here,” I heard a woman say into her cell phone at the mega-art fair Art Basel Miami Beach 2014. Indeed, $3 billion worth of art is being offered for sale this year, according to the event’s organizers.

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