Martha Wilson

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What do women want?

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Post image for Six Pioneering Feminist Artists Conquer New York

With recent statistics showing that only 31% of the solo exhibitions at NYC galleries are devoted to women, it comes as a pleasant surprise that over a two-month period this spring there are several exhibitions simultaneously showcasing the work of second-generation feminist artists.

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Post image for The Radical Art of Archiving Performance, as Practiced by Martha Wilson

The day after I went to go see the Martha Wilson: Downtown and Performing Franklin Furnace exhibitions in New York City, a friend brought me to a lecture-performance by Carolee Schneemann at a raw gallery space in Tribeca run by Hunter College.

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Post image for Franklin Furnace, Performance Art Pioneer, Relocates to Pratt Under Long-Term Agreement

The storied avant-garde performance art nonprofit Franklin Furnace has relocated to the Pratt Institute campus under an agreement that will see the organization “nest” at the institution on a long term basis.

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Post image for Filling in the Gaps: Feminism’s Continued Relevance in the Arts

This past weekend I joined the audience for the day of panel discussions at the Brooklyn Museum organized by The Feminist Art Project as part of the annual College Art Association Conference. I was only able to stay for the first three and a half panels, in a day that included five. But in those three and a half panels, a clear through-line started to emerge, at least from my perspective. That through-line involved the idea of creating collective histories, of asserting a history that complicates singular narratives, and that makes it clear that whole communities of differing experience and perspective participate in the making and supporting of the arts.

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Post image for A New Kind of Theater Space Opens BAM to More Aggressive Work

Standing at the corner on which Jay-Z and Barbra Streisand helped anoint the new Barclays Center at the southern edge of Fort Greene, Brooklyn, it’s possible to feel an air of controversy around the 19,000-seat sports arena and concert venue that opened its doors for the very first time just weeks ago. Meanwhile, over at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), the 150-plus-year-old arts institution that has long helped to anchor the area, began inaugurating a new space of its own in September.

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Is It Punk To Grow Old Ungracefully?

by Emily Colucci on September 19, 2011

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On a rainy Thursday in Chelsea, I could hear the cast of the Real Housewives screeching in horror and running for their emergency stash of botox as I walked through visual artist and alternative space powerhouse Martha Wilson’s new exhibition I have become my own worst fear at PPOW Gallery. Characteristically bold, Wilson’s exhibition seems to delve into one of the last taboos of our times: women aging.

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