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Post image for The Existential Experience of a Chardin Still Life

Does drawing define, and color merely decorate? Or is drawing just the menu, and color the meal?

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Post image for Metropolitan Museum Snaps Up an Unrecognized David Drawing for $700

What happens when you get the best art historians, curators, and conservators together in a single museum? Well, you’re pretty likely to get the best deals in the art world, as the Metropolitan Museum just did when it snagged a Jacques-Louis David drawing for $700 ($840 with premium).

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Can’t-Miss New York Museum Shows in 2013

by Kyle Chayka on January 2, 2013

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With a brand new year comes a slew of new museum exhibitions to look forward to. From retrospectives of major artists like Claes Oldenburg and James Turrell to an exploration of New York City art during one year in the 1990s, here’s a look at what to expect from NYC’s art museums in 2013.

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Post image for OWS Arts Asks Sculptor to Urge City to Remove Barricades Around His Art [UPDATED]

We’ve covered the way members of Occupy Wall Street have grappled with the Mark di Suvero sculpture at the corner of Zuccotti Park. They’ve called it a “weird red thing” and some think of it as corporate art, but now the Arts and Culture Working Group of OWS is making an appeal to the artist to help remove the barricades surrounding the sculpture so that it continues to be part of the park and the activity taking part in it. And is the Metropolitan Museum sign on the barricade real? We’re not sure.

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Post image for Ten Foot Egyptian Arriving at the Metropolitan Museum

Berlin’s major Egyptian Museum will be loaning a ten-foot-tall, almost nine-ton, 4,000-year-old regal sculpture to the Metropolitan Museum for tens years. It goes on display “later this month.”

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Post image for Met Museum Raises Admission Prices That We Don’t Pay

The Metropolitan Museum is raising its suggested admission prices for adults from $20 to $25, reports the New York Times. Good thing we’ll still be paying the ticket price with whatever change we have in our back pockets.

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Post image for Anthony Caro Opens on Met Museum Rooftop

Teri Tynes of the Walking Off the Big Apple blog went to the preview for Anthony Caro’s mini-retrospective on the rooftop of the Metropolitan Museum. She has published a good set of photos and a post that reports on the artist and what he said during the press event.

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Post image for Met Staff Share Their Quirks Through “Connections”

The Metropolitan is really hitting hard with its new media efforts lately, coming out with an interesting project in conjunction with its Lod mosaic exhibition, as well as a new presentation called “Connections,” an online series of photo slideshows with audio featuring museum staff giving short presentations of pieces in the museum collection that fascinate them, based on a particular theme or idea. The videos are fun insights into the personalities of staff and the collection, but they could go deeper into the art objects that they present.

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In the Museums: Fall 2010 in New York

by Hrag Vartanian on September 1, 2010

Post image for In the Museums: Fall 2010 in New York

This fall is a great time to be in New York. The always interesting Teri Tynes over at Walking Off the Big Apple has compiled a select (but extensive) list of New York museum shows this fall. There’s a lot to see and do and here are some we’re really looking forward to …

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