Best of 2014: Our Top 10 Brooklyn Art Shows

by Hyperallergic on December 23, 2014

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Between the proliferation of galleries in Bushwick and, to a lesser extent, Greenpoint, the small cadre of Dumbo galleries sticking it out, longtime heavyweights including the Brooklyn Museum and BRIC mounting ambitious shows, and Creative Time parachuting Kara Walker’s sugar sphinx into the Domino Sugar Factory, it’s been an exceptionally strong year for art in Brooklyn.

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    Exterior of 1329 Willoughby Avenue (photo by the author for Hyperallergic)

A new gallery hub is emerging in Bushwick. The low, two-story industrial building at 1329 Willoughby Avenue is already home to Microscope Gallery, and in January 2015 two more galleries will open up there.

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Marni Kotak, “All The Meds I Took” (2014)

CHICAGO — On February 13, I found myself in the back seat of a bus in Chicago with the artist Marni Kotak. We felt comfortable in the back of the bus. We are those kinds of women.

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Post image for From Surface to Air at Two Bushwick Galleries

The soapbox derby is fine-tuned American nostalgia (or was it tradition?), a rugged pursuit combining patrilineal bonding with the values of shopworn ingenuity and competition.

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QR Code Art Makes Its Way Into the Galleries

by An Xiao on March 23, 2012

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LOS ANGELES — QR codes are on the rise. I’ve spotted them everywhere, from subway ads (yes, we have subway ads in Los Angeles) to billboards to movie posters to business cards. And so they’ve inevitably cropped up in art.

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Films Born Out of Drawings

by Katarína Hybenová on January 19, 2012

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James Fotopulous’s charcoal drawings develop during the process of his filmmaking. They are currently on view at Microscope Gallery.

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How Baby X Was Born

by Katarína Hybenová on November 14, 2011

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“Would you like to see the birth?” Elle Burchill from Microscope Gallery casually offered me a spot on the list of people who would be notified of the birth of Baby X. The night of the opening of the exhibition and performance The Birth of Baby X was pretty cold. Despite the media attention that followed the news that Bushwick performance artist Marni Kotak was planning to give birth in a gallery, the turnout at the opening wasn’t any larger than the usual crowd at a Microscope Gallery opening. “Yes, please. Put me on the list,” I heard myself saying loud enough to mute the doubts and fears I had.

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Post image for Meet the Artist Who Can Actually Say, “My Baby Is a Work of Art”

There I was, sitting in a rocking chair at the Microscope Gallery in Bushwick but I felt like I was visiting a friend in her own home and we were just sitting around bullshitting. No, it wasn’t one of those snobby holier-than-thou art shacks in Manhattan. It was Marni Kotak’s show, The Birth of Baby X and the rocking chair had belonged to the artist’s mother.

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Post image for What to Do This Weekend: Williamsburg Gallery Night, Man Bartlett, Su Friedrich, Seven on Seven

Can’t figure out how to fill up your culture diet this weekend? We’ve got your back, with Williamsburg Gallery Night going down tonight and Man Bartlett’s 140 hour-long Berlin performance streaming all weekend, plus Su Friedrich’s MICROSCOPE Gallery opening and the Seven on Seven art-tech collaborative event on Saturday.

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