Post image for Data-Driven Music for the Disharmony of New York’s Income Inequality

As the 2 train travels from Brooklyn through Manhattan up to the Bronx, it journeys along 49 stations of neighborhoods as varied as Flatbush, the Financial District, and Wakefield.

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Post image for NYPD Crackdown Has Subway Performers Risking Jail Time

Earlier this year, the New York Times reported that arrests on New York’s subways were up 300% over 2013, the result of police commissioner Bill Bratton’s zealous focus on the transit system as part of his approach to policing the city.

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Post image for Why Won’t the MTA Allow This Artist to Make Art? [UPDATE]

One February evening, Brooklyn-based artist Enrico Miguel Thomas carried his drawing board a few paces away from where he had been illustrating from a counter in Grand Central — leaving behind a bag full of markers and a folded-up easel. After a brief moment of gathering the necessary detail on his subject, which he characterizes as having taken no longer than five minutes, he turned to find a swarm of police officers gathering near his bags. After approaching them, claiming the bags, and identifying himself as an artist, the MTA police officers insisted on “clearing” his bags with a K-9 bomb-sniffing dog.

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Post image for The Man Who Led 1990s Art Censorship Scandal Is Running for NYC Mayor

The name Joseph J. Lhota may not be a household one (yet), but the current Republican mayoral candidate has done a lot in his time in New York City politics. Art worlders may remember him as the man who led the Giuliani administration’s push to bully the Brooklyn Museum into censoring an artwork from the Sensation exhibition.

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Post image for MTA Rejects Advertising for Looking Too Much Like Graffiti

The Museum of Modern Art may be one step closer to recognizing graffiti as a legitimate art form, but New York City is not. Writer Adam Mansbach, who took part in last week’s “Writers and Writers” event at MoMA, has a post on the Awl about being denied subway advertising space that he was prepared to pay for because the writing in his ad looked too much like graffiti.

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A New, Even More Graphic Anti-Islamic Subway Ad

by Kyle Chayka on December 31, 2012

Post image for A New, Even More Graphic Anti-Islamic Subway Ad

Remember that subway poster that compared Muslims to savages and called for supporting Israel in order to “defeat Jihad”? The group behind that sloganeering, the American Defense Freedom Initiative (AFDI), is back with a second, even more inflammatory ad that the MTA is explicitly disavowing.

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Post image for A Subway Platform Becomes a Front Porch

I’ve always enjoyed riding the subway impossible distances — out to Coney Island, say, or the Far Rockaways — largely because the cityscape and the scenery change so much along the way. Traveling out to the ends of various lines transports you away from the New York City you know.

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New York MTA to Roll Out a Public Art App

by An Xiao on March 16, 2012

Post image for New York MTA to Roll Out a Public Art App

LOS ANGELES — The New York subway has always featured a host of great public art. From Tom Otterness’s famous figurines causing mischief at 14th Street and Eighth Avenue to the performers at Union Square and Times Square, the MTA’a Arts for Transit program provides a welcome respite from the usual grind of taking the subway.

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