Museum of Modern Art

Post image for Beyond Drips: Investigating Jackson Pollock’s Many Artistic Phases

“Come over here to the drips,” a visitor at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) advised friends.

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Smeary Smeary Edgar Degas

by Thomas Micchelli on April 16, 2016

Post image for Smeary Smeary Edgar Degas

The first picture that caught me up short was “Factory Smoke” (1877–79), hanging alone on a freestanding wall in the middle of the gallery.

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Post image for As MoMA Expands, Galleries Devoted to Specific Disciplines May Disappear [UPDATED]

As part of its ongoing plans to renovate and expand its building, the Museum of Modern Art will reconfigure its third floor, which currently houses its Architecture and Design, Photography, and Drawings galleries — a move that may drastically reduce the number of rooms in the museum devoted to specific media.

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Post image for Marcel Broodthaers’s Teeny-Tiny Atlas

The work of Marcel Broodthaers balances erudite postmodernism and a straightforwardness so literal that it borders on humorous.

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Post image for Only Abandoned: The Poetry of Marcel Broodthaers

Midway through the retrospective of Belgian artist Marcel Broodthaers currently at the Museum of Modern Art, the visitor comes across the witty short film La Pluie (Projet pour un texte) [The Rain (Project for a text), 1969].

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Post image for MoMA’s New Japanese Architecture: A Vision for the Future That’s Already Here

What if modern architecture could do it all over again?

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Post image for An Ojibway Prophecy Reimagined on Film

What does it mean to be Ojibway now, in 2016?

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Post image for The Father of Streamlining Gets Some Long Overdue Love from MoMA

Raymond Loewy earned the nickname “father of streamlining” for his influential career in industrial design, shaping sleek icons of 20th-century America such as the Lucky Strike cigarette packet and the Art Deco shell of the PRR S1 steam locomotive.

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Post image for The Otherworldly Modern Homes that Were Never Built

While other modern architects imagined a future of single-family homes that resembled Rubik’s Cubes, with boxy exteriors and primary-colored walls, Austrian-American artist and architect Frederick Kiesler considered a return to cave dwelling.

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Post image for Follow-Up to My Review: Does the Museum of Modern Art Even Know About This Great Photographer?

Very soon after my review of Louis Draper was published in Hyperallergic Weekend (February 7, 2016), I got an email from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and from the Museum of Modern Art.

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