Museum of Modern Art

An exterior panorama of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

A seven-day schedule inaugurated last year at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and the Metropolitan Museum of Art brought a 7% increase in attendance at the former but no change at the latter, Crain’s New York reported.

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Post image for China’s Buried Past and Submerged Future: Patty Chang and David Kelley’s ‘Flotsam Jetsam’

In the opening moments of the film, Flotsam Jetsam (2007) by Patty Chang and David Kelley, currently playing at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, a bridge-like structure is seen in the distance, partially traversing what seems to be a wide river.

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Post image for The Provincialism of Sigmar Polke

The Museum of Modern Art’s current offerings include, just possibly, the world’s most brilliant student of a certain kind of art. The student would be the German postmodernist Sigmar Polke (1941–2010), and the work in question would be pieces dating from after approximately 1960, when art was turning away from a belief in the power of expression to examinations of that expression, and in fact of the entire role of art.

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Post image for Maira Kalman’s Empathetic Portraits

The girl stands awkwardly, her arms crossed over her stomach. Below them she wears high-waisted shorts, wrinkled through with creases and rolled at the bottom; above them she wears a frilly top. And above that, her deeply furrowed brow, mirrored by the part in her neatly done hair.

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Post image for Artist Plants a Digital Dance Intervention at MoMA

Art museums and performing artists have a complicated relationship. Though to some they may seem like a natural pairing, or at least a reasonable one, there’s an inherent tension.

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Post image for Alejandro Jodorowsky Discusses His First Film in 23 Years

Once he hung up the phone and we were seated, I quickly understood I could have list of questions but Jodorowsky was going to talk about, well, whatever Jodorowksy wanted to talk about. “How to think about my new picture … ” he began.

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Post image for A Mainstream Museum Welcomes Two Old-Guard Experimentalists

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect upon entering the fourth floor galleries at the Museum of Modern Art for a collaborative performance, “illlummminnnatttionnnssss!!!!!!!” (2014), by old-guard experimentalists Simone Forti and Charlemagne Palestine. The pair had not performed together in over four decades.

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Post image for Folk Art Museum Architects Denounce Demolition, MoMA PS1 Proposed as Possible Site for Facade

With scaffolding now shrouding its embattled façade, the architects behind the ill-fated American Folk Art Museum (AFAM) have broken their silence over the demolition of the acclaimed building, denouncing the “senseless and unnecessary act of destruction” in a brief statement posted online yesterday and a longer interview in the New York Times today.

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Post image for Jasper Johns’s Reinvention of an Old and Familiar Subject

Regrets — the collective title of Jasper Johns’s most recent series of paintings, drawings, and prints — is currently on display at the Museum of Modern Art, New York (March 15–September 1, 2014). The inspiration for the series was a ripped, crumpled and stained photograph of Lucian Freud perched on the edge of an iron bed, one leg tucked under the other, with his hand clutching his hair as he looks down and away.

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First Look: New Work By Jasper Johns

by Mostafa Heddaya on February 20, 2014

Post image for First Look: New Work By Jasper Johns

Last week, we noted the interview Jasper Johns gave the Financial Times regarding his Regrets, the octogenarian’s latest body of work and title of his forthcoming show at the Museum of Modern Art.

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