Post image for End of the Corcoran? New Plan Would Dissolve the Gallery

After years of financial crisis, Washington, DC’s Corcoran Gallery of Art — the city’s largest and oldest private museum, which focuses on American art — has announced a plan that would see it “cease to exist as an independent institution,” the Washington Post reports.

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Post image for African Artists Protest “Indentured Servitude” at Korean Museum

African artists hired by a Korean museum have been laboring under conditions “similar to indentured servitude,” South Korean newspaper the Hankyoreh reports. Their allegations about the circumstances under which they lived and worked at the museum are appalling.

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Post image for Using New Media to Shed Light on Old Art Narratives

The internet is a visual space, where virality comes most frequently to media rich in images, whether videos, animated GIFs or simple memes. Connecting these new forms of media with all the classic ways that human beings have told visual stories is a powerful way to reanimate them, sometimes literally, for the digital age.

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Post image for On Saturday, 20 SoCal Museums Will Be Free

It’s a Museums Free-For-All!

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Post image for Jeju Island, Land of 100 Museums

On beautiful Jeju Island in South Korea, you can see one of the longest lava tubes in the world, visit the crater of an extinct volcano, and watch a fire festival … or you can stop in at the Museum of Sex and Health, the World Seashell Museum, and the Teddybear Safari. Your call.

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Post image for Nuclear Wintour at the Metropolitan Museum

It’s clear that money is the ticket to fame and success in the world of culture, even — OK, maybe especially — if you’re not an artist. Cue the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s renaming of the newly renovated, soon-to-be-opened Costume Institute as the Anna Wintour Costume Center.

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Post image for The Astounding Art and Artifacts Museums Didn’t Know They Had

Sometimes museums and archives don’t know the treasures they already have, collecting dust on some forlorn shelf or hidden away in a forgotten box. Through mislabeling or earlier disorganization, great works of art and history are sometimes lost for years before being “discovered” right inside the museum walls.

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Post image for China Has Almost 4,000 Museums

We’ve been reading about the boom in Chinese museum building for years now, and this week The Economist joins the slew of Western outlets that have reported on the craze. The piece offers an update on the situation, including a look at the latest numbers.

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Today Is #MuseumMascot Day!

by Allison Meier on December 6, 2013

Post image for Today Is #MuseumMascot Day!

Today is International Museum Mascot Day, and the animals, mummies, random curios, and other collection creatures that represent their respective museums are celebrating on on Twitter with the #MuseumMascot hashtag.

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Bringing Collections to Life

by An Xiao on November 21, 2013

Post image for Bringing Collections to Life

OAKLAND, Calif. — Floating around the web right now is The Whale Warehouse, a terrific look behind the scenes of Los Angeles’s Natural History Museum. Produced by KPCC Los Angeles’s AudioVision, it brings to life the collections in a new way, with a tour of a “warehouse down the street from a meatpacking plant in the most industrial part of LA.”

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