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Post image for Solve a Murder Mystery in a German Rapper’s Interactive Music Video

In German rapper Kontra K’s interactive video for “Next to You,” off the new album Labyrinth, a fisherman discovers a crime scene at a quiet lake house.

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Post image for Surreal Sculptures Come to Life in Yeasayer’s Trippy New Video

“Where’s my head?” sing Chris Keating and Anand Wilder of psych-pop band Yeasayer in “Silly Me,” a track off their new album Amen & Goodbye.

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Post image for J Dilla Gets Reanimated in a Video Collage

After a decade of anticipation, The Diary, a long-lost solo album by late hip-hop legend J Dilla, was released last month.

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Post image for A Psychedelic Garden Blooms with CGI Cyborgs

Just when it seemed like the psychedelic music video trend was getting old, Japanese artist Kota Yamaji’s video for tilt-six’s track “あなくろノイズ” has come along to melt your head.

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Post image for Did Drake’s New Video Get Its Bling from James Turrell’s Light Installations? [UPDATED]

The internet almost exploded last night when Drake dropped the music video for his track, “Hotline Bling.”

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The Web Killed the Music Video Star

by Kyle Chayka on April 19, 2013

Post image for The Web Killed the Music Video Star

For a while there, it looked like the internet killed music videos, or at least their traditional channels. But the new technologies and social qualities of the web have also given rise to a new generation of interactive music videos.

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Post image for Video Artist Tony Oursler Turns David Bowie into a Doll

“Where Are We Now” is the first single from “The Next Day,” David Bowie’s first studio album in 10 years, and the surreal pop star is breaking the silence with something memorable — a music video created by Tony Oursler, a British video and installation artist known for projecting body parts onto suspended spheres. It’s a match made in spacey art heaven.

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Post image for Spot Kalup Linzy’s New Musical Vagina

Ignore the nice moody song and James Franco’s disembodied smiling head, and just concentrate on the cheesiness of Kalup Linzy’s new music video filled with vagina imagery … Judy Chicago would be proud, or weirded out. Take your pick.

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Post image for If Art Was More Like Hip Hop It Would Be Like This

This video, “Art Money” was created by San Francisco-based artist Spencer Keeton Cunningham & Erlin Geffrard as one part of “an on going work in progress of contemporary art videos.” The music is by Kool Kid Kreyola and Spencer Keeton Cunningham. This is all obviously going to be in the next Whitney Biennial so someone better tell curators Elisabeth Sussman and Jay Sanders stat!

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