Post image for Heavy Metal Headbangers Frozen in Time

With hair flying and faces contorted in expressions between joy and agony, the heavy metal fans captured by Danish photographer Jacob Ehrbahn are a frenzy of movement in saturated color.

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Dancing Around the Issue of Surveillance

by Allison Meier on November 23, 2015

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Audiences entering the black box space of BAM Fisher in Brooklyn for More up a Tree found a transparent room containing a man sprawled on his back, and a woman nervously pacing.

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Post image for 70 Years of Glitchy Computer History Turned Into Music

Late at night in Great Britain’s National Museum of Computing in Bletchley Park, some of the world’s oldest computers awoke from mechanical slumber.

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Post image for Dieter Roth’s Chaotic and Cacophonous Gesamtkunstwerk

BERLIN — The exhibition And away with the minutes spins like a rococo confection around the prolific noise music projects of the legendary and influential German-born Swiss artist Dieter Roth.

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Post image for Tracing Back to the World’s Oldest Known Cello

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is hosting a special summer guest: the world’s oldest known cello.

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A Song That Will Outlive Us All

by Allison Meier on June 25, 2015

Post image for A Song That Will Outlive Us All

Longplayer is designed to play for a thousand years, which means the composition must outlast technology and catastrophes, and be carried on by generations not yet born.

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Post image for American Suburban Architecture and the 1980s Hardcore Bands It Housed

The Hardcore Architecture blog is using addresses to reveal, through Google Street View, the often mundane suburban architecture behind the ’80s underground scene.

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Post image for New John Cage Archive Offers Access to His Compositions and Collaborations

Launched yesterday, a free online archive of John Cage performances presents a comprehensive overview of his career, from a watering can poured on national television to a rhythmic solo piano performance inspired by lost love.

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Post image for A Surreal Game Leaves You Stuck Inside a Train Station

In the video game Off-Peak, you’re trapped in a train station that’s a surreal concoction of New York City architecture

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Post image for Rediscovering the Music of the Age of Caravaggio

The aural history of the 16th to 17th century resonates through the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Painting Music in the Age of Caravaggio.

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