Post image for NASA Releases Audio of Space Exploration into the Public Domain

A cosmic collection of sounds from space exploration is now available in the public domain. NASA has launched a sound library starting with over 60 samples of mission control, rockets firing, Sputnik beeping along in orbit, and the eerie harmonies of the universe.

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Post image for NASA Explores the Potential of Origami in Space

The future of space flight may be founded on the traditions of art.

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Post image for NASA Unveils the Strange Suit Designed for Its Mars Explorers

If NASA astronauts land on Mars, they might not look very human at all.

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Post image for 3D Photographs of Life on Mars, Taken by Robots

Now more than ever, it’s fascinating to look at the images we have from the Red Planet, and it just so happens that NASA has a whole collection in 3D.

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Post image for Voyager Has Left the Solar System, Taking With it the Sounds of Space

As Voyager becomes the first human-made object to enter interstellar space, it also carries the first human-made mixtape destined for such depths of the universe.

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Post image for Art in the Outer Limits: A Look at NASA’s Space Art Program

A sampling of the over 2,000 artworks that are part of the NASA Art Program were recently uploaded to NASA’s Flickrstream, and give an insight into the breadth of work that has come out of this rare merger between a government agency and art.

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Post image for Stare at the Sun, Without the Blinding Side Effects

In a video released this week by NASA, you can stare at the sun for the equivalent of three years in just three minutes, making it the most efficient and safe way to look at the solar cycles yet — as well as a really cool example of how photography can show us that which is not visible to our delicate eyes.

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Post image for The New Frontier of Space Preservation

Some of the most historic sites of human history aren’t even on our planet. On the moon are the six lunar landing sites left from NASA’s 1969 to 1972 trips to the moon, and traveling somewhere out in the distance of the universe are interstellar objects like the Voyager probes. There are even closer historical space objects lingering in orbit with other space debris around the planet, like dead satellites and pieces of rockets.

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Post image for Shepard Fairey Isn’t the First Artist Going Into Space

Now that street artist Shepard Fairey has designed a mission patch that will travel to the International Space Station, will other artists be drawn to this extraterrestrial exhibition opportunity? Here is a look at some other artist collaborations on patches.

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NASA Beams the Mona Lisa into Space

by Arianne Wack on February 4, 2013

Post image for NASA Beams the Mona Lisa into Space

What do art mavens and NASA nerds have in common? Maybe not much. But late last month, the two were artfully brought together when the Mona Lisa was projected into outer space on laser pulses.

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