Native American Art

Post image for Could a Survey of American Indian Art Tell the Human Stories Behind Beautiful Objects?

TOLEDO — Indigenous Beauty: Masterworks of American Indian Art from the Diker Collection presents a conundrum of conscience.

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Post image for Contemporary and Historic Ledger Art Joined in a Seamless Native Narrative

Too often museums exhibit indigenous art of the United States as artifacts made by ghosts, even though many of these traditions are still inspiring contemporary creators.

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Post image for An Ojibway Prophecy Reimagined on Film

What does it mean to be Ojibway now, in 2016?

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Post image for A 19th-Century Cheyenne Warrior’s Drawings of His Life as a POW

Some of the best-known 19th-century ledger art was created by Cheyenne, Arapaho, Comanche, Kiowa, and Caddo prisoners of war at Fort Marion in St. Augustine, Florida, following the Red River Wars.

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Post image for The Modernist-Inspired Watercolors of a Pioneering Pueblo Painter

Tsireh’s watercolors recall a remarkable period of creative art-making from the Native American community, and this exhibition gives him dimension and the recognition he deserves.

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Post image for Disco Beads and Abstract Rawhides: Jeffrey Gibson’s Untraditional “Nativeness”

Half a century ago, many Native American artists trying to break into the fine art market were told that their oil paintings would never sell because they were not recognizably “Indian” enough.

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Post image for A Lakota Sioux Warrior’s Eyewitness Drawings of Little Bighorn

One of the most popular images of the 1876 Battle of the Little Bighorn is “Custer’s Last Stand” by Cassilly Adams, who ditched historical accuracy for a romanticized George Armstrong Custer standing tall against the encroaching horde of horseback warriors.

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Post image for Native American Artists Envision a Sublime Apocalypse

SANTA FE — An Evening Redness in the West explores the landscape of an apocalyptic world, investigating the doom of end times but also their promise of a new beginning.

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Post image for A Podcast Broadcasts the Voices of Indigenous Artists and Activists

ALBUQUERQUE — Archives have a particular meaning to Indigenous people.

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The Perks and Problems of Santa Fe’s Indian Market

by Erin Joyce on September 9, 2015

Post image for The Perks and Problems of Santa Fe’s Indian Market

SANTA FE, NM — Indian Market is a fixture of the Santa Fe community. Founded in 1922 by the Museum of New Mexico, the market brings over 150,000 people to Santa Fe each year to view the work of over 1,100 Native American and First Nations artists.

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