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A German court ruled yesterday that Berlin and Hamburg-based conceptual and performance artist Jonathan Meese had not violated the country’s notoriously strict anti-hate laws in his performances of the Nazi salute.

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Joseph Beuys is a canonical postwar artist, but was he really as progressive and enlightened as we’ve come to believe, and as he led us to think? A new biography of the artist, written by German-born Swiss author Hans Peter Riegel, kicks up the age-old debate about the separation of the artist and the art by contending that Beuys was actually a dedicated follower of the occultist and racist ideas propagated by philosopher Rudolf Steiner, and that he hung out with quite a few former Nazis.

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And in Today’s Nazi Art News…

by Hrag Vartanian on February 28, 2012

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Some days you come across two bits of random news that suggest a “motif” and today is one of those days and it’s Nazis.

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