Post image for Obama Declares Tract of Nevada Desert, and Michael Heizer’s “City,” a National Monument

In March, the art world rallied to call for the protection of Nevada’s Basin and Range area, a landscape of rich archaeological resources and the site of Michael Heizer’s sprawling land art piece, “City” (1972–present).

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Post image for Museums Join Campaign to Preserve Land Art Opus

In 1972, the Land Art pioneer Michael Heizer began buying up tracts of land near Nevada’s Garden and Coal valleys.

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Post image for US Senator Proposes Conservation Expanse for Michael Heizer’s Land Art

A bill quietly introduced by United States Senator Harry Reid would protect an 800,000-acre swath of Nevada desert containing the land art works of Michael Heizer, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

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The Photographs of A Changed Landscape

by Alissa Guzman on April 17, 2012

Post image for The Photographs of A Changed Landscape

Altered Landscape is a collection of over 900 photographs, spanning the last fifty years, by hundreds of contemporary photographers, all of whom have helped to redefine contemporary landscape photography.

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Post image for The Art of Burning Man (But Is It Art?)

This week, hundreds of artists from all over the world will begin assembling one of the largest and most dazzling group art shows in the United States, or anywhere. Approximately 50,000 people will view the show during its week-long run, making it proportionately even more popular attendance-wise than the recent Alexander McQueen hullabaloo at the Met. So why don’t you know more about it? And why aren’t you there?

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