New Museum

Post image for Upstate and Down with Pioneering Media Art

That vast, often vague, less metropolitan expanse that New Yorkers usually call “Upstate” has been a major force in the evolution of contemporary media art.

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Four Questions About Contemporary Arab Art

by Hrag Vartanian on September 28, 2014

Here and Elsewhere at the New Museum

I admit to feeling crippled by the New Museum’s Here and Elsewhere show. As the first major show of art from the “Arab world” in a New York museum, it stirs a huge well of emotions and frustrations about a topic that needs volumes to unpack.

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Post image for Israel Denies Exit for Palestinian Artist in New Museum Show

With less than a week to go before the opening of two shows that feature the works of Palestinian artist Khaled Jarrar, I received a message from him that read: “The Israelis sent me back.” Another soon followed: “No trip to NY.”

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Art at First Sound

by Jeremy Polacek on June 24, 2014

Post image for Art at First Sound

Riding the elevator at the New Museum has become an alluring audio experience. Nearly every floor calls out with some unseen signature of sound, whether it’s the notes of a boozy, guitar-strumming party or white noise.

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Post image for Bit Rot: The Limits of Conservation

Bad things can happen to almost any art. Casino impresario Steve Wynn famously stuck an elbow through his Picasso while bragging about the high price he was about to get for his trophy canvas, and a clumsy visitor to the Fitzwilliam Museum managed to trip on a staircase and take out a whole row of important Chinese vases displayed on an adjacent windowsill.

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Post image for Google Glass Sponsorship Bodes Ill for New Museum

The future of art has arrived, and it looks … not like James Franco dressed in drag, but like a software developer wearing a silly-looking pair of futuristic glasses. Yes, the future of art is a Glasshole, coming to a museum near you.

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Post image for ‘Paweł Althamer: The Neighbors’ at the New Museum

A few blocks east of the New Museum’s skyward stack, a small gallery recently closed a provocative show focused on the final years of Joseph Beuys, the forefather of social sculpture. Though Beuys’ legacy in the social practice(s) of art is as manifold as it is contested, few have assumed his mantle as directly as the Polish sculptor Pawel Althamer.

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Post image for Kill Your Phone: Artist Targets Surveillance

A Berlin-based conceptual artist artist, Aram Bartholl, has published a website to assist the craft-inclined and surveillance-averse in the making of their own Faraday cage pouch for their cellular telephones.

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Post image for At the New Museum, Notes Toward Space’s Oddity

“You know, Sun Ra is a formative figure for many young artists,” Georg Schöllhammer, Vienna director of the curatorial collective Tranzit, avowed to me recently on the fifth floor of the New Museum.

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3D Print Your Own Museum

by Jillian Steinhauer on January 30, 2014

Post image for 3D Print Your Own Museum

Thanks to online platforms like Google Art Project and institutions releasing more and more images on the web for free, the general public has access to museum collections in ways they never have before. But what if you could do more than just remix images of objects in a collection — what if you could 3D print the objects themselves?

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