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Post image for ‘Paweł Althamer: The Neighbors’ at the New Museum

A few blocks east of the New Museum’s skyward stack, a small gallery recently closed a provocative show focused on the final years of Joseph Beuys, the forefather of social sculpture. Though Beuys’ legacy in the social practice(s) of art is as manifold as it is contested, few have assumed his mantle as directly as the Polish sculptor Pawel Althamer.

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Post image for Kill Your Phone: Artist Targets Surveillance

A Berlin-based conceptual artist artist, Aram Bartholl, has published a website to assist the craft-inclined and surveillance-averse in the making of their own Faraday cage pouch for their cellular telephones.

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Post image for At the New Museum, Notes Toward Space’s Oddity

“You know, Sun Ra is a formative figure for many young artists,” Georg Schöllhammer, Vienna director of the curatorial collective Tranzit, avowed to me recently on the fifth floor of the New Museum.

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3D Print Your Own Museum

by Jillian Steinhauer on January 30, 2014

Post image for 3D Print Your Own Museum

Thanks to online platforms like Google Art Project and institutions releasing more and more images on the web for free, the general public has access to museum collections in ways they never have before. But what if you could do more than just remix images of objects in a collection — what if you could 3D print the objects themselves?

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Post image for A Digital Artist Goes Analogue, but the Message Is Fuzzy

Sitting in the audience for the performance of Ann Hirsch’s “Playground” at the New Museum last week, two things came to mind: one, that Hirsch had managed to trick a bunch of art school kids and fans of her often web-based art into coming to a very conventional theater production; and two, that the plot of her play felt a little conservative, despite Hirsch’s larger body of work that seeks to question representations of female minds, bodies, and sexualities on the internet.

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Post image for Heavy Metal Fatalist: Chris Burden at the New Museum

What’s most compelling about Chris Burden: Extreme Measures — the Los Angeles-based artist’s first New York retrospective, which has taken over five floors of the New Museum — is what’s not there. Or almost not there.

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Post image for Museum Websites From the Past Millennium

Browsing the early websites of major art museums makes for an entertaining exercise.

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Post image for Exit Through the Anti-Surveillance Gift Shop

The New Museum Store will be hosting a very of-the-moment Privacy Gift Shop, which will feature “stealth wear” clothing and accessories that will help you dodge — or at least make you hope you are — surveillance methods.

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Post image for Crackup: Llyn Foulkes Gives Us the Art We Deserve

With its superb retrospective of the art of Llyn Foulkes, the New Museum pulls off the almost impossible trick of elucidating the work of a long-neglected, unclassifiable and thoroughly recalcitrant figure without sacrificing its mysteries or thorniness.

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Post image for The NEA Four Revisited: Crossing the Line with John Fleck

Have you ever seen that Naomi Watts film Ellie Parker? In it she plays an Australian actress in Los Angeles, not so different from the real Watts. Much of the film takes place in her car as she shuttles between auditions, intermittently giving herself pep talks, falling apart, and trying to conduct the business of living, despite an obsessive need to make sure she never misses a not-quite-opportunity.

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