New Museum

Post image for Remembering a Beloved New Museum Security Guard

Elon F. Joseph, a kind, caring and a genuinely good person, passed away.

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Street advertisement for New Museum Triennial

Poetry has never been more of a hackneyed product — from tiresome MFA hybrid poems to stale derivations of pop/Net conceptualism to the New New New York School, always proclaiming that its linking of art, gay male cosmopolitanism, and poetics is “new.”

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Follow This Man Out of the New Museum

by Ryan Wong on April 28, 2015

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“I do wonder, when I lead complete strangers around on my walks, and take them to sites that don’t dredge up some awful racial history so they have no racial referent — I wonder the degree to which they allow themselves to have racial thoughts.”

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Post image for The Intimate Art of Active Reading

In her Nobel Prize acceptance speech, Austrian novelist Elfriede Jelinek asked, “Is writing the gift of curling up with reality?”

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Post image for Quickly Aging Here: The 2015 Triennial

After six years and three installments, is the New Museum’s Triennial entering middle age? An odd question for an exhibition devoted to “early-career artists,” as the museum’s press release describes them.

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Post image for The New Museum’s Triennial Surrounds the Audience with Too Much Art

The New Museum’s third triennial, Surround Audience, is not nearly as immersive as its title suggests, and it sabotages many of the most conventional two-dimensional and sculptural works on view.

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Photo Essays

Pole Dancers Drop It Like It’s Political

by Vic Vaiana on February 11, 2015

Post image for Pole Dancers Drop It Like It’s Political

Brennan Gerard and Ryan Kelly have brought politicized pole dancing to the New Museum.

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Post image for Best of 2014: Our Top 20 NYC Art Shows That Weren’t in Brooklyn

Let’s face it: there’s Brooklyn, and then there’s the rest of New York City. (Sorry, rest of New York City!)

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Detail of Chris Ofili,

A more descriptive subtitle for Chris Ofili: Day and Night, the New Museum’s dazzling survey of Chris Offili’s paintings, sculptures, and works on paper, would be “Day and Night and Day.”

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Post image for Upstate and Down with Pioneering Media Art

That vast, often vague, less metropolitan expanse that New Yorkers usually call “Upstate” has been a major force in the evolution of contemporary media art.

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