New York City

Post image for Robert Moses’s Two-Faced Legacy Gets the Comic Book Treatment

Robert Moses was never elected to a major office in New York City, but he completely altered the topography of the metropolis through three decades of construction projects.

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Post image for Arts Nonprofits Pool Their Know-How to Tackle Non-Artsy Problems

New York City, for all its wealthy patrons, charitable foundations, and municipal support systems, is a treacherous place for arts non-profits.

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Post image for Columbia Students Can Paint, Watch TED Talks to Meet Sexual Respect Requirement

In the wake of a wave of protests over the school’s mishandling of sexual assault cases, Columbia University recently unveiled a new Sexual Respect and Community Citizenship Initiative.

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Copy Makes Perfect: Sturtevant at MoMA

by Cynthia Cruz on February 11, 2015

Post image for Copy Makes Perfect: Sturtevant at MoMA

The Museum of Modern Art’s current retrospective of Sturtevant’s work, Double Trouble, is a study in movement.

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Post image for NYC Will Build 1,500 New Affordable Artists’ Studios by 2025

In his State of the City speech today, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a plan to build 1,500 new affordable live/work units for artists over the next decade.

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Post image for Instagram Photos Reappear on the Streets Where They Were Taken

What if instead of only showing up online, your Instagram photos of sunsets, street art, photogenic cityscapes, or alluring strangers on subway platforms were posted back into New York City’s public spaces?

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Post image for Catching Subway Riders in the Act of Reading

For bibliophiles and generally nosy people, one of the worst things about the rise of e-books and e-readers is that they don’t have distinct covers.

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Post image for The Merits of Old Masters’ B-Sides, at the Frick

Masterpieces from the Scottish National Gallery, on view in the East Gallery of the Frick Collection, is a gathering of ten paintings analogous to the cohort of masterpieces in the Frick’s adjacent West Gallery. Visitors are left free to consider each as representing a unique, if not significant moment in each artist’s career.

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Post image for “My Own Career Bores Me”: Mark Flood on His Gallery Experiment

Mark Flood Resents was an artist-run gallery, showroom, exhibition space, hangout, and crash pad where nothing was for sale.

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Post image for City Initiative Will Measure Staff and Leadership Diversity at New York Museums

Diversity, nebulous though it is, has long been something museums have tried to maximize among their visitors, but a new initiative being launched by New York’s Department of Cultural Affairs aims to measure the diversity of staff and board members at the city’s cultural institutions.

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