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Fountain Art Fair Los Angeles Kicks Off This Weekend

by Sponsor on September 29, 2011

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Los Angelenos and visitors to the West Coast are in for a treat this weekend. Fountain Art Fair rolls into LA for the first time from September 2 to October 3 with an exciting line-up of emerging artists and art spaces.

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Post image for The Opportunity To Be A George Condo and 9 Other Reasons I ♥ Art In NY

Occasionally after going to countless gallery openings or museum previews, I get a little sick of the New York art scene — the pretentiousness, the glut of Yale MFA students showing academic and alienating art and the quirky thick-rimmed glasses. Just in time for the September gallery openings, I’m going to list the things I love about art in New York in no particular order.

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Post image for How An Artist in 1881 Imagined the New York of the Future

“When cartoonist Thomas Nast drew this illustration of future Manhattan for Harper’s Weekly in 1881, Trinity Church was the tallest building in New York, with its spire and cross reaching 281 feet into the heavens.” [Paleofuture]

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Post image for 14 Portraits Of Post-Warhol Fame

Andy Warhol’s death left us wondering how the quintessential Pop artist would have reacted, or shaped, a society that fulfilled his prophesy of universal, albeit short-lived, fame. But aside from wondering what the artist would have thought of Rebecca Black, his passing left a hole in New York City Nightlife. Thomas Kiedrowski’s new book “Andy Warhol’s New York City” and a series of new “screen tests” by Conrad Ventur speak to the nostalgia this generation feels for the days of Superstars and silver clouds.

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LOST on the Lower East Side

by Allison Meier on July 11, 2011

Post image for LOST on the Lower East Side

Some people look at the world and imagine it will all disappear. The sun expands into a red giant and consumes the Earth, charring everything away. Technology overtakes humanity and the rational shapes of geometry replace the uncertainty of modern life. The frenetic urban canyons of New York are deserted into a steel ghost town. […]

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Post image for NY Museum Attendance & Twitter Followers

@MuseumNerd, that anonymous art personality on Twitter, has blogged an interesting graphic that lists the attendance to New York museums, their Twitter following, and how they measure up.

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Post image for Ai Weiwei’s Public Art Installation Delayed in New York

Today’s official NYC opening of #Ai Weiwei’s sculptural exhibition, #ZodiacHeads, has been delayed. Stay tuned for further details.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

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Post image for William Powhida Opines About New York Art Critics

For tonight’s Triangle Arts Association benefit at Beacon restaurant in midtown Manhattan, artist William Powhida submitted this wry drawing of his thoughts about some of the city’s art critics.

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Warhol Goes App-y

by Hrag Vartanian on December 13, 2010

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Word is that the Warhol Museum is releasing a new Warhol app (iPhone only for way) that allows users to transform photos into silkscreens that create their own versions of art that resemble the Pop master. But you don’t have to wait for the official version since there are many unofficial ones already on the market, including Warhol FX and myPhotoBooth (both for iPhone) … and there’s much more Warhol for your smartphone.

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Post image for “Welcome to the New York art world in 2010…”

I love this line in Leon Nefayk’s latest article in the New York Observer, “Don’t Call It An Art Fair!”

Welcome to the New York art world in 2010, where it’s never about the money, even when it is.

How very true … and there’s more …

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