Street Artist Behind NYC Drone Posters Arrested

by Kyle Chayka on November 30, 2012

Post image for Street Artist Behind NYC Drone Posters Arrested

The New York Daily News reports that Essam Attia, the street artist behind the spy-drone PSA posters that popped up around the city last summer, has been arrested by the New York Police Department.

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Post image for Protests Against Stop and Frisk Infiltrate a NY Design Icon

Milton Glaser’s “I Love New York” logo is one of, if not the most, classic symbols of the city; tourists can find it emblazoned on T-shirts sold at street vendors all around town. But visitors passing through these days might see a version of the I Love New York T-shirt that they weren’t quite expecting, and which they may not even fully understand: “I Stop and Frisk New York.”

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Post image for NYPD Can’t Take Criticism, Censors Legal Mural

Proving that art does still have the power to be controversial, and that the New York Police Department pretty much does whatever it wants, the NYPD dispatched two officers on Tuesday to paint over a mural that it didn’t like.

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Post image for Brooklyn Designer Held Without Bail for Hanging Plastic Bags from Trees

File this under WTF: Japanese Takeshi Miyakawa, who lives in Brooklyn, was arrested for hanging a plastic bag filled with LED lights from a tree in Greenpoint, and he’s now being held without bail for 30 days. Miyakawa’s installation of glowing “I Love NY” bags was meant as a tribute to the city, in celebration of Design Week, but when he left one in Williamsburg on Friday, the bomb squad was called in and all hell broke loose. Police arrested him later on charges of planting false bombs.

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Post image for Yes Men Spoof NYPD, McDonald’s with Stop-and-Frisk Video

Activists/artivists/culture jammers The Yes Men released an ingenious new parody this morning called “Three Strikes, You’re In!”

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