Post image for Keith Haring Products Redefine the Ability to Find Pleasure in Art

Last week I got an email advertising a collaboration between Shepard Fairey’s apparel company OBEY and the Keith Haring Foundation, resulting in T-shirts, tank tops and baseball hats — including one with an unsettling combination of Haring’s three-eyed face and Fairey’s OBEY graphic — sold at mall hipster-mecca Urban Outfitters. This was enough to make begin questioning the Keith Haring Foundation’s treatment of the artist’s legacy — and then I heard about the Tenga x Keith Haring sex toys.

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Post image for Who Is The Artist? Thoughts on Anonymous Street Art

Evacuated from my Lower Manhattan apartment and hiding from Hurricane Irene, I find myself thinking about anonymous street art and what it means to art-viewing practices. Different from traditional art and even graffiti, the anonymous works that are found on construction walls, corners of the street and shop grates pose a difficult yet exciting problem for the street art or historian enthusiast that comes across them.

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Photo Essays

Wynwood’s Other Walls

by Hrag Vartanian on December 10, 2010

Post image for Wynwood’s Other Walls

Walking or driving around Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood, you’re immediately struck by the great volume of art all around, most noticeably on the wall. Some of the work is illegal but others are sanctioned through the efforts of Primary Flight, an organization which descibes itself as “Miami’s original open air museum and street level mural installation that takes place annually throughout the Wynwood Arts District and the Miami Design District.”

One gallerist told me that one “host” of a Primary Flight mural from last year loves his so much he was talking about graffiti coating it to ensure it longevity. What was remarkable about these murals, many of which were from last year, is that they look pretty much as good as the first day they were painted. Why?

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Post image for Why is Fairey’s New Movie Ad Campaign So Bad?

Up-and-coming street art critic RJ of Vandalog asks why the new poster campaign by Shepard Fairey’s Obey studio is so damn ugly, ok, he didn’t exactly say it that way (I’m paraphrasing) but he might as well have.

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Post image for Shepard Fairey Is Shopping For New York Wall Space

The OBEY crew is looking for wall space. So, if you want a “genuine Shepard Fairey/OBEY mural” for free join the “OBEY phenomenon” and help contribute to the “enhancement of the urban landscape.”

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