Olafur Eliasson

Post image for Olafur Eliasson Recruits Refugees to Assemble Symbolic Green Lights

In response to Austria giving migrants a red light, Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson decided to create a “Green light,” a crystalline polyhedral LED light made from recycled materials.

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Post image for Olafur Eliasson’s Sundial of Melting Icebergs Clocks In at Half-Past Wasteful

PARIS — In the aftermath of November’s terrorist attacks and the ruling Socialist Party’s meltdown following a strong first-round showing for Marine Le Pen’s far-right Front National party, I glummly went to the Place du Panthéon to see Ice Watch Paris, an exhibition of melting icebergs by Danish relational artist Olafur Eliasson.

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Post image for Three Famous Artists Collaborate on One Empty Spectacle

Tree of Codes brings together the efforts of three major names from three different disciplines: Wayne McGregor, the award-winning British choreographer; Danish-Icelandic visual artist and light wizard Olafur Eliasson; and electronic music producer Jamie xx, one third of the band the xx.

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Post image for Olafur Eliasson on Turning Light into Color

For the past six years, the Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson has been working with a color chemist to produce paint pigments that correspond to each nanometer of the visible light spectrum.

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Olafur Eliasson Creates a Riverbed in a Museum

by Claire Voon on August 20, 2014

Post image for Olafur Eliasson Creates a Riverbed in a Museum

Today, Riverbed, Olafur Eliasson’s first solo exhibition at Denmark’s Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, fills the museum’s South Wing with dirt and rocks of all sizes, complete with a narrow, meandering trench of water, to transform the space into a craggy landscape.

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Post image for Walking into the Light at London’s Hayward Gallery

LONDON — When God said “let there be light,” he probably didn’t anticipate how much that statement would cost in the 21st century. Regarding the Hayward Gallery’s current exhibition, Light Show, security on hand are quick to note that this is one of the most expensive exhibitions the institution has ever staged, with staff receiving strict instructions to keep viewers’ hands off the artwork, especially Leo Villareal’s “Cylinder II” (2012), an ethereal column of LEDs that reach up into the first gallery’s cavernous space.

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Post image for Painted Pigeons: Political Commentary or Pop Street Art?

BERKELEY, California — Artists Julius von Bismark and Julien Charriere have teamed up to create a hilarious installation first in Venice and now in Copenhagen entitled, “Some Pigeons Are More Equal than Others” (2012). The performative work exists on multiple levels: a hanging sculpture (pictured below) captures and holds the pigeons on a conveyor belt, then airbrushes the birds in a rainbow of iridescent colors only to release them back into the city. The colorful and playful piece takes place at different platforms and settings ranged around the cities in lands in.

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Post image for Olafur Eliasson’s Wow Opera House in Reykjavik

REYKJAVIK, Iceland — Olafur Eliasson’s stunning collaboration with Henning Larsen Architects on the Harpa Reykjavik Concert Hall and Conference Centre in Iceland.

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The Problem with Big Art

by Jillian Steinhauer on April 30, 2012

Post image for The Problem with Big Art

Ossian Ward has a feature in Art in America this month about the dismaying trend of bigness in the contemporary art world. The piece is an exploration of a problem that’s only been growing (no pun intended): art as a series of bigger and better spectacles, upstaged only by the vast and cavernous spaces in which it’s shown. Though the article is quite smart and thorough, it left me a little unsatisfied: I think Ward stops short of really digging into what’s at stake here. What exactly is the problem with art as entertainment, anyway? It may seem like an obvious question, but given its centrality to this discussion, it’s one worth asking.

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Post image for Can Art Create World Change? 3 Artists at Davos

DAVOS, Switzerland — Does art change the world? The World Economic Forum would have you think so. The WEF is meant to bring important people together to create world change, but how can art participate in the cause?

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