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Post image for Soylent, a Donkey, and Even Some Good Art: A Frieze New York Diary

1pm: The press preview for Frieze New York 2016 on Randall’s Island begins! Or so they say. I am power walking out the door of my office in Williamsburg.

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Post image for Mechanized Art that Makes a Mop Talk and a Medicine Cabinet Tell Time

Even a plank of wood has kinetic possibilities in the art of Tim Hawkinson.

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Thomas Nozkowski’s Magical Mystery Tour

by John Yau on April 5, 2015

Post image for Thomas Nozkowski’s Magical Mystery Tour

Simply titled Thomas Nozkowski, this is the artist’s fourth solo exhibition at Pace Gallery since 2008, when he first joined the gallery, and this time he has pulled out all the stops.

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Post image for As Pace Expands, New York Galleries Start Dwarfing Museums

On Friday Pace Gallery revealed plans to build an eight-story, 60,000-square-foot building where the largest of its spaces on West 25th Street in Chelsea currently sits.

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Post image for Artists from Five Galleries Dominate US Museum Shows

The Art Newspaper published the results of research that found that artists from five of the world’s biggest galleries accounted for nearly a third of solo museum shows in the US between 2007 and 2013.

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Post image for The Swinging Sixties’ Grooviest Art Dealer: In London, Remembering Robert Fraser

LONDON — Looking back at history, one encounters certain individuals who reflect the changing attitudes, social values, or cultural trends of their times, while certain others seem to define and embody them; they’re the ones who become the symbols of the spirit of an age.

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Post image for Fred Wilson on Isamu Noguchi’s Multifaceted Modernism

On a dismal, rainy Saturday in Manhattan, as dirty snow slowly melted to reveal winter’s detritus outside, the cheerful, humorous, and ever approachable Fred Wilson led a group of gallerygoers through Isamu Noguchi’s Variations.

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Ephemera, Wives, Paint: Cézanne & Picasso

by Joe Fyfe on December 20, 2014

Post image for Ephemera, Wives, Paint: Cézanne & Picasso

Masters of painting are occupying major venues in New York this winter. Egon Schiele at the Neue Galerie, Matisse cutouts at MoMA. In addition, the rival Picasso exhibitions at Gagosian and Pace are noteworthy, as is Madame Cézanne at the emblazoned, tarnished Met.

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Saul Steinberg Decodes the Symbols of Society

by Sarah Cowan on October 14, 2014

Post image for Saul Steinberg Decodes the Symbols of Society

Plastered on the title wall of Saul Steinberg’s 100th Anniversary Exhibition at Pace Gallery is an impenetrable photographic self-portrait.

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Pop Culture Pirate Jay Z/Taylor Swift mash-up

Do you ever feel like the art world is sort of like high school, or life at a small liberal arts college? Or maybe just a blowout party you’re not actually sure you were invited to, but you decided to show up anyway?

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