Post image for J.M.W. Turner’s Unloved Late Paintings; or, The Whales

Some days ago — never mind the count — having not much purpose in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and nothing in its galleries otherwise to interest me, I thought I would wander a little and found myself in the most watery part of the institution.

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Post image for A Rare Encounter with an Aaron Douglas Painting that References Slavery’s Past

Lavender and gold silhouettes of soldiers on horseback, waves, and a kneeling figure overlap on the flat plane of Aaron Douglas’s “Let My People Go” (1935–39).

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Post image for Seeing the Art for the Trees

CHICAGO — In the entire history of art, how many works depict a tree as their main subject?

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Post image for A Refreshing Dose of Cynicism-Free Abstraction

Clare Grill is a painter based in Queens. She has shown consistently, if not quietly, over the last few years.

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Post image for 8 Figurative Painters in an Atemporal World

Recurrent throughout 8 Painters are stylings on past painterly marks and movements, not so much placed in quotations as absorbed into a work’s facture.

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Master of Many

by John Yau on February 8, 2015

Philip Taaffe,

There used to be a time when curators could slap a label on a group of artists, claiming the work to be central, progressive, and an important part of their narrative of art history.

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Art That Was Always Meant to Be Hidden

by Allison Meier on November 20, 2014

Post image for Art That Was Always Meant to Be Hidden

The portraits in Oliver Jeffers’ Dipped Paintings series exist as wholes only in the memories of those who witnessed their submersion.

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Post image for Critical Americana in Chicago

CHICAGO — In a group show at Packer Schopf Gallery, three artists explore ideas or activities that are central to American identity: nature, political protest, and sports.

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Post image for “Wow. George Bush Is a Painter”

“Wow. George Bush is a painter,” former president George W. Bush told NBC Today interviewers regarding the reception he imagines his paintings of world leaders will receive upon their public release tomorrow.

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Post image for The Line Is a Circle: Painting at the Threshold

I was born in 1983. Just shy of my 31st birthday, it occurred to me that somewhere after 1984 — virtually my entire lifetime — painting disappears almost entirely from most books on contemporary art history.

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