Paul Kasmin Gallery

Post image for Peter Hujar’s Photographs of the Downtown Legends of 1970s New York City

In the comparatively safe, sleek, and expensive New York City of today, nostalgia for the crime-ridden, scummy, and cheap New York City of the 1970s is as strong as ever.

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Post image for Four Decades of Photographing the Relationships Between People

Leaving New York City so your kids can have more green space doesn’t sound like a promising start to an artistic career, but Tina Barney isn’t typical.

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Post image for Look Before You Sit: At Frieze New York, the Seats Are All Sculptures

Frieze New York opens its doors to the public today, but already during yesterday’s press and VIP preview the aisles were crowded, the common areas and restaurants filled with worn-out fairgoers, and it seemed as if the only empty seats were sculptures.

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Absolutely Modern: Robert Motherwell on Paper

by Tim Keane on December 13, 2014

Robert Motherwell in his studio

In 1950, when the painter Robert Motherwell invented the phrase “The School of New York,” he summed up its mission as “an activity of bodily gesture serving to sharpen consciousness.”

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'Bloodflames Revisited' at Paul Kasmin Gallery

A big part of the art world is art history, and nowhere is that clearer than in the recent spate of exhibition revivals.

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Art Before Images

by Susan Silas on April 10, 2014

Post image for Art Before Images

When you come across a mirror it’s nearly impossible not to look in it. But what happens when the reflective surface is an artwork — when looking at yourself precludes looking at it, and vice versa? Carrie Yamaoka’s exhibition at PK Shop, titled after the Jimi Hendrix song “Are You Experienced?,” is reminiscent of the cognitive illusions of the young girl and the old woman or the rabbit and the duck.

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Post image for As the Ottoman Empire Turns: Taner Ceylan on Occupy Gezi and Turkish Taboos

German-born, Istanbul-based Turkish artist Taner Ceylan, a prominent Turkish artist whose work deals with the hidden histories of the Ottoman Empire.

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Post image for We Tasted (and Reviewed) Kenny Scharf’s NEW Donuts

When we first heard that artist Kenny Scharf would be teaming up with Doughnut Plant to create a limited-edition line of donuts, we knew we had to have them … and then review them.

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Post image for Has Deborah Kass Saved Warhol Appropriation?

PITTSBURGH – In her mid-career retrospective Deborah Kass: Before and Happily Ever After at the Andy Warhol Museum, Deborah Kass accomplishes the seemingly impossible by breathing new life and critical ideas into the appropriation of Andy Warhol’s work.

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Post image for Courtney Love’s Hole Inspires Art Show

With the exhibition Pretty on the Inside, co-curators KAWS and Erik Parker reveal that they must be fans of the Courtney Love-led band Hole’s debut album and song for which it is named, but they also make us wonder about the show’s connection to the music.

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