Pedro Reyes

Post image for Navigating the Recent Wave of Renegade Seafaring in Art

WATER MILL, NY — On the same day the Apollo 11 Lunar Module touched down on the Moon, an art collective in Japan was rowing on a giant white arrow down the rivers between Kyoto and Osaka.

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Post image for The Fight to Save a Land Art Masterpiece in the Heart of Mexico City

Situated within one of Mexico City’s remaining areas of untouched land, Espacio Escultórico is considered by many as one of Latin America’s most significant works of land art.

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Post image for In Middle America, a Survey of Art from Latin America

DETROIT — The central piece, and the one that immediately draws the eye when entering the main gallery of United States of Latin America at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, is a full wall mural by Minerva Cuevas entitled “America.”

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The (New) Handgun Aesthetic

by An Xiao on November 27, 2013

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OAKLAND, Calif. — We’ve all seen the moment in movies when the hero, villain, or unwitting victim has to stare down the barrel of a gun.

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Post image for Domesticity as Subversion at Miami Art Basel

MIAMI — This morning the mother of all Miami art fairs, Art Basel Miami Beach (ABMB), opened its doors for a press and VIP preview. Although it was pretty crowded for a preview day, the fair also felt calm and subdued. And the art matched the tone: much of what was on view seemed safe — tried and true artists whose work might amuse, arouse, or provoke, but not offend.

As I wandered around, though, I remembered that quiet isn’t necessarily a bad thing: it can create a space for humor or contemplation. And scattered throughout the fair I found a good number of artworks that embraced that space by way of domesticity.

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Can Art Replace Therapy?

by Ayano Elson on June 10, 2011

Post image for Can Art Replace Therapy?

Welcome to New York City’s newest treatment center. You pay fifteen dollars to enter a desolate concrete basement filled with men and women in lab coats. They hand you pillows to sit on and advise you to close your eyes and visualize your problems, to later be treated by an assortment of self-improvement exercises. Mexican artist Pedro Reyes is the Gestalt and Marxist-influenced mastermind behind this mental ward, and he’s here to solve all your city-induced psychological stress.

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Bronx Museum Helps US Artists Go Abroad

by Kyle Chayka on October 26, 2010

Post image for Bronx Museum Helps US Artists Go Abroad

Think the United States’ image abroad could use some updating? Well, take it to your local Bronx Museum! The Bronx Museum of the Arts is at the head of a new US State Department program called smART Power, an initiative to expand diplomatic art outreach beyond the performing arts that often forms its basis.

Artists will be able to submit project proposals to the program through an open call early next year.

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