Post image for Among Intimates at New York’s Queer Experimental Film Festival

When I arrived early on opening night of this year’s MIX NYC festival at a former manufacturing space in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, I heard a rumor that there used to be a panty factory there.

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Post image for A Dance About Capitalism Falls Prey to Its Machinations

Early in koosil-ja’s new show I Am Capitalism, which ran at The Kitchen last week, she spoke through recorded voice-overs of a desire to acquire dances.

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Post image for Between Now and Nowhere: A Performance Dissects Reality

GREAT BARRINGTON, Mass. — In an age where our attention often frays and never lingers, it is rare to find something that holds it unwaveringly for 60 minutes.

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Reading Years for On Kawara

by Jillian Steinhauer on April 16, 2015

Post image for Reading Years for On Kawara

I have passed through 700 years in a single hour.

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Post image for Brooklyn’s Own Briar Patch: A Funk Opera Takes On Gentrification

Gentrification has been the subject of countless plays and performances in New York, but the number of productions taking it on seems to have increased dramatically in recent years.

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Post image for Broadcast Muse: Liz Magic Laser’s Bystander

The script for “Bystander,” Liz Magic Laser’s performance at The Kitchen, consists principally of two types of statements about current events — the personal and the reportorial.

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Post image for An Art Wedding Full of Strangers

CHICAGO — A passerby looking through the floor-to-ceiling windows of the Conaway Center in Chicago’s South Loop last Friday night would have assumed she was witnessing a wedding.

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Post image for Miguel Gutierrez’s “myendlesslove” at Abrons Arts Center

Miguel Gutierrez’s “myendlesslove” is, as its title suggests, about love — but not just love in a classic, romantic sense. That is there, but in 50 minutes, Gutierrez also touches on love making (aka sex), love of self, and love of youth. He pulls all these themes out of a multi-faceted, if somewhat disjointed, piece whose variations of medium and tone are refreshing.

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An Architecture of Poetry and Sound

by Chloë Bass on December 11, 2013

Post image for An Architecture of Poetry and Sound

To experience “Frolic Architecture” is to enter into a world that feels both familiar and bizarre. The piece, a collaboration between composer David Grubbs and poet Susan Howe is a delicate sound collage, rich with layers, solemn, and mildly, comfortably disjointed.

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Reading the Rituals of Performance

by Chloë Bass on December 2, 2013

Post image for Reading the Rituals of Performance

PORTLAND, Oregon — On a trip to Portland last month, I encountered a number of artists who use writing’s structures and processes to order performance behaviors. But for Lisa Radon, it’s reading, not writing, that serves as the moment of performance.

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