A London Gallery Threw Me Out Over a Picasso

by Josh Spero on December 2, 2015

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LONDON — In case you were in any doubt as to the true source of authority in the art world today, we now have an answer.

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Post image for From Birthday to Funeral, Rare Footage of Picasso Surfaces in AP Archives

How did Pablo Picasso celebrate his 80th birthday?

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Post image for Mapping the Most Expensive Artworks Sold by Country

A new series of maps created by howmuch.net attempts to look at art valuation based on country of origin.

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Post image for Fox News Bizarrely Censors $179M Picasso Painting

Apparently the price paid for Picasso’s “Women of Algiers” (1955) on Monday is not the most obscene thing about it.

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The Immoveable Feasts of French Modernism

by John Seed on September 2, 2014

Jean Hélion,

LOS ANGELES — In 1988 Jed Perl, a critic in his mid-thirties who had written for Vogue, Art in America, and The New Criterion, published his first book: Paris Without End: On French Art Since World War I.

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Post image for Embattled Four Seasons Picasso Finds New Home

The Picasso tapestry slated for removal from the Four Seasons restaurant in the Seagram Building has found a new home at the New-York Historical Society, the New York Times reported.

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Post image for One of World’s Biggest Art Collectors Charged With Insider Trading

In a statement released earlier this afternoon, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has charged Steven A. Cohen of SAC Capital with supervising, and profiting from, the insider trading of two of his employees. The move followed years of severe scrutiny for the Connecticut-based hedge fund manager and prominent art collector.

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Post image for Five Artists We Don’t Want to Be Our Valentine

Sometimes it’s better to be alone. Here are a few artists who we wouldn’t particularly like to spend a romantic Valentine’s Day with, from the over-sharing to the unstable to the plain unsettling.

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Post image for Airport Patrons Can’t Stand When Picasso Bares It All

A Scottish airport has backtracked on its decision to cover up a poster promoting an exhibition at the Scottish Museum of Modern Art that featured Picasso’s “Nude Woman In a Red Armchair” (1932).

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Five NYC Museum Shows to Look Forward to in 2011

by Kyle Chayka on December 31, 2010

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It’s the New Year all over again, and aside from going out and partying, there’s not much in the New Year to look forward to yet. I’m finding myself starting at empty calendar and wondering what to fill it up with. Why not schedule in some art? It’s never to early to start that exhibition calendar going, so here are five exhibitions that I think will light up this new year in New York City.

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