Pierogi Gallery

Post image for Pierogi’s Flat Files Get Unhinged

Pierogi Gallery’s Flat Files have an almost fabled status in Brooklyn’s contemporary art scene. Started 18 years ago with 20 artists, the Flat Files have developed as a type of breeding ground for artistic talents and a place where collectors, curators, and others can dip into with ease.

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Post image for In Critical Awe of Humanity’s Impact on the Environment

Perhaps the consummate bard of the American landscape, Mark Twain depicted in his writing a countryside both tamed and wild. He once wrote, “The Mississippi River will always have its own way; no engineering skill can persuade it to do otherwise.” The same description could be applied to the waterways of photographer and video artist Isabelle Hayeur’s exhibition Death in Absentia at Pierogi gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, part of the ongoing Brooklyn / Montreal, a gallery exchange between the two cities. In stunning photographs, Hayeur documents rivers half taken over by industry and development but half still mysterious.

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Post image for 15 New York Art World-ers on Art Controversies Today

With “sensitive to art and its discontents” written into the blogazine’s sub-header, Hyperallergic is no strange to contemporary art controversy, but we decided to ask 11 New York-based artists, critics and curators what they considers the most important and urgent controversy in visual art at the moment.

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Post image for Realism, Surrealism and Infographics at Williamsburg 2:ND Fridays

This past Friday May 13th marked Williamsburg 2:ND Fridays, a night of gallery openings and exhibition unveilings. I trekked around the neighborhood from the far north Causey Contemporary all the way down to Like the Spice gallery and checked out the shows. Here are my findings, in photo format.

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Post image for What to Do This Weekend: Williamsburg Gallery Night, Man Bartlett, Su Friedrich, Seven on Seven

Can’t figure out how to fill up your culture diet this weekend? We’ve got your back, with Williamsburg Gallery Night going down tonight and Man Bartlett’s 140 hour-long Berlin performance streaming all weekend, plus Su Friedrich’s MICROSCOPE Gallery opening and the Seven on Seven art-tech collaborative event on Saturday.

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Post image for Should We Kill the Traditional Art Review? [UPDATED w tweets]

A few weeks ago, I ran into artist William Powhida who started to tease me that I don’t really write many art reviews anymore. I got a little defensive but after thinking about it, I realized he was right. The reason? I have lost faith in the art review as the best way to communicate ideas in and about art.

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Mark Lombardi’s Information Art

by Kyle Chayka on March 9, 2011

Post image for Mark Lombardi’s Information Art

A solo exhibition of works by Mark Lombardi at Pierogi gallery in Williamsburg, feels very timely. Maybe I’m into the paranoia-inducing conspiracy charts because New York’s just-ended art fair week, our own glimpse into the vastness of the international art world, reminded me that there are whole webs of infinite complex connections to the worlds and communities we inhabit. Lombardi’s intricate, highly-researched drawings are clear presentations of information that forces us to rethink how we see ourselves in relation to our political atmosphere.

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Post image for 9 Underappreciated New York Art Shows & Events of 2010

There’s the stuff everyone is applauding … yawn … but that’s boring, we want to point out some things that are under most people’s radar and why they deserve some notice. Here’s our list of the 9 Most Underappreciated Art Shows & Events in New York during 2010.

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Post image for Drawings of Portraits of Osama Bin Laden at Pierogi

Filling an entire gallery with the repeated face of Osama Bin Laden might sound like a bit of Warholian task for an artist interested in interrogating politics: an international criminal turned celebrity. But James Esber’s exhibition You, Me and Everybody Else at Pierogi in Williamsburg actually aims to do exactly the opposite. By repeating Osama’s image so many times, Esber seeks to remove the political content from the image, simplifying into just a visual work of art. The real trick? The Osama portraits aren’t even drawn by the artist. By asking artists and non-artists alike to copy his original portrait, Esber blurs the line between subject and meaning.

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Post image for Miami’s Seven Art Fair Goes Indie

The buzz before Miami was that Seven Art Fair was going to be one to watch and that is certainly the case.

This indie fair of seven galleries with solid programs — and some art stars among them — have created a wonderful little side fair that has a well-organized area for video works (which is both inviting and well spaced), a space for the #Rank event (which we’ve mentioned before), rooms for work by various artists to talk to one another (some better than others), but most importantly an attempt to collide gallery stables to see what they could come up with together (most notably on one wall covered salon style with pieces from the whole constellation of “Seven” artists).

Did all the artists fit perfectly together? No, but this is an art fair and not a curated exhibition. It was good to see some galleries try something that felt interesting and less commercial than the run-of-the-mill art fairs.

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