Kara Walker Lands in Oregon

by Alicia Eler on March 19, 2014

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EUGENE, Oregon — The Black Portlanders, a project initiated by Intisar Abioto that focuses on the black people of Portland documenting one another, recently posted an open letter asking for help raising $15,000 to keep alive their project.

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Post image for ‘Portlandia’ Lampoons Anti-Corporate Student Art

Ronald McDonald + Something Violent and Crazy (Like Money) = SHOCK

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Post image for Hilarious Portlandia Episode Shows the Dangers of Conceptual Art

For those uninitiated into its history, conceptual art can often seem like a trick — is that really a urinal in an art gallery? Is sticking yogurt caps on gallery walls really great art? Unfortunately for Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, the stars and creators of the sketch TV show Portlandia, it turns out that conceptual art can actually trap you, even outside of a gallery opening.

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