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Paint the Pavement mural in St. Paul, Minnesota

Drivers need to slow down. Traffic deaths are a serious problem across the United States, with pedestrian fatalities increasing in past years. One effort to keep eyes on the road is the use of colorful street art — painted right on the streets.

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Post image for Jeff Koons, Kara Walker, and the Challenge of Public Art

As if his museum-filling Whitney retrospective weren’t enough, Jeff Koons currently has a massive sculpture on view at Rockefeller Center. “Split-Rocker” is comprised of two halves, one the recreated head of a toy pony rocker, the other the head of a toy dinosaur rocker.

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A Shock of Color in the City

by Sarah Archer on June 19, 2014

Post image for A Shock of Color in the City

PHILADELPHIA — There are two public works on view in the Northeast right now by the Berlin-based artist Katharina Grosse. One, in Philadelphia, zips past as you ride a moving train; the other, in Brooklyn, inspires you to stand still and look closely.

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Post image for New Subway Art Installation Brings the Home into the Commute

Three stations on the M subway line in Ridgewood, Queens now have permanent art installations that bring moments of home into the commute.

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Post image for Covering a City’s Potholes with Art

CHICAGO — Jim Bachor began his personal public-works project to repair potholes with mosaic works in the summer of 2013.

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Post image for What Does Kara Walker’s Sugary Sphinx Tell Us?

One of the season’s most anticipated art events will finally open to the public tomorrow. Kara Walker’s “A Subtlety,” aka the “Marvelous Sugar Baby,” is the renowned artist’s first public artwork.

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Post image for New York Murals: The City’s Best Overlooked Museum

You might walk by some of the permanent works in New York City’s best art collection and not even notice them. The murals embedded in the city’s public spaces — in bars, restaurants, hospitals, skyscraper lobbies, and schools — together make up a historical tapestry of New York’s visual culture.

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Post image for The Sound Of Two Borders Dissolving

HONG KONG — Unlike the Berlin Wall, which began with the division of post-World War II spoils, or the Israeli West Bank barrier, which divides parts of Israel and Palestine, the Shenzhen/Hong Kong fence, or “Frontier Closed Area,” has as much security power as wet tissue paper.

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Post image for Sculpture of Homeless Jesus Sparks Controversy

When it comes to religious art, depictions of Jesus tend to feature him as saintly, reverential, floating above mere mortals or healing them with his touch (or he’s a baby). But a sculpture by artist Timothy P. Schmalz shows Jesus as a homeless man wrapped in a blanket, asleep on a bench.

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Post image for The Nomadic Arctic Landmass that Became a New Nation

Back in 2012, a curious landmass journeyed around the coast of England, broken free from the Arctic, where it had long been invisible under a glacier. Nowhereisland, as it was anointed by its discoverer, artist Alex Hartley, became land art on a massive scale.

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