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Post image for The Only Five Public Statues of Historic Women in NYC

Setting aside the allegorical females and fictional heroines like Lewis Carroll’s Alice, who are the historic women honored in New York’s public statuary?

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Post image for Vandal Who Smashed Colorado Town Sculpture “Destroyed the Fun”

A public sculpture in Durango, Colorado, that has divided and entertained residents of the small town since its installation last August was destroyed earlier this week and the vandal remains at large, according to the Durango Herald.

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Post image for 11 Hidden Oases of Art and Green in NYC

Across the five boroughs, quiet pockets of public green space offer a taste of culture outdoors.

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Post image for New York City’s Oldest Public Art Is Pompeii Ancient

New York City has public art that’s older than the city itself.

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Crimes of the Art

by Benjamin Sutton on July 28, 2015

Post image for Crimes of the Art

On this week’s art crime blotter: terrifying golden head sculptures stolen from a British festival, an alleged thief blames museum’s flimsy security for his thievery, and ancient ivory penis carvings turn up missing from an antiques store.

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Post image for Bringing a Constellation Down to Earth at a Ruined Castle on the Hudson

For the next two years, a constellation built by human hands over the ruins of a Hudson River castle is mingling with the stars.

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Post image for Real Estate Developers Sue Oakland Over New Public Art Ordinance

Real estate developers are suing the city of Oakland over a new law that requires them to set aside funds to commission and install public art in new residential and commercial buildings.

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Post image for “Truth Is Beauty, but Tacky Is Forever”

A 55-foot-tall steel mesh sculpture of a naked, dancing woman that lights up with 3,000 LED bulbs dazzled Burning Man attendees in 2013, but residents of Bay Area city San Leandro — where it will reside permanently as of next summer — are split on its artistic merits.

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Post image for A New Project Seeks to Erect Statues of Historic Women in Central Park

Out of the 29 statues now in the park, not one is of a real woman.

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Post image for The Vanishing, Painted Bus Stops of Belarus

We tend to think of bus stops as utilitarian pieces of public infrastructure, but in the eastern European country of Belarus, they’re works of art.

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