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Post image for Holy Toledo! Big Red Art Ball Makes a Roll for It

On Wednesday night, a giant, 250-lb red ball tumbled down a road in Ohio, spurring locals to break the age-old command of parents to not chase rogue balls in the streets.

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Post image for A Giant Prayer Wheel in the Heart of Times Square

A giant, beautifully hand-carved, wooden prayer wheel has appeared in the heart of Times Square, courtesy of Brooklyn-based artist duo FAILE.

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Post image for Anish Kapoor Threatens to Sue Over Chinese “Cloud Gate” Copy

Yesterday we noticed that a copy of Anish Kapoor’s “Cloud Gate” in Chicago is in the works in Karamay, China, promoted as a giant, stainless steel drop of oil.

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Post image for Billionaire Must Pay Sculptor for Unauthorized Copies, but He Gets to Keep Them

Last week a federal judge ordered Russian-born, Florida-based billionaire Igor Olenicoff to pay sculptor John Raimondi $640,000 for having unauthorized copies of his work made in China and installed at his development sites.

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Crimes of the Art

by Benjamin Sutton on August 11, 2015

Post image for Crimes of the Art

On this week’s art crime blotter: banana sculpture slips away, graffiti artist sues designer over Katy Perry’s dress, and art signs disappear from New York City streets.

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Post image for A Poor Man’s Kapoor: China Unveils Knockoff of Chicago’s Bean

An immense sculpture in China is nearing completion, and it bears a striking resemblance to Chicago’s most famous work of public art.

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Post image for The History of NYC’s First Nine Landmark Parks

On a July morning, at the tender age of five, I watched the building next to my Bronx tenement capitulate to the blows of a wrecking ball.

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Post image for Hank Willis Thomas Seeks the Truth

“The truth is I love you,” reads the sign as you enter Brooklyn’s MetroTech Commons — not a bad way to pique the interest of passersby, appealing to their vanities and insecurities.

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Post image for Would You Like Some Skin Care Products with Your Bagel Art?

The gigantism trend in public art is apparently inexhaustible.

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Post image for Three Important Manhattan Public Artworks That Often Go Overlooked

Art can transform a city experience even if we don’t realize it.

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