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Post image for New York Murals: The City’s Best Overlooked Museum

You might walk by some of the permanent works in New York City’s best art collection and not even notice them. The murals embedded in the city’s public spaces — in bars, restaurants, hospitals, skyscraper lobbies, and schools — together make up a historical tapestry of New York’s visual culture.

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Post image for The Sound Of Two Borders Dissolving

HONG KONG — Unlike the Berlin Wall, which began with the division of post-World War II spoils, or the Israeli West Bank barrier, which divides parts of Israel and Palestine, the Shenzhen/Hong Kong fence, or “Frontier Closed Area,” has as much security power as wet tissue paper.

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Post image for Sculpture of Homeless Jesus Sparks Controversy

When it comes to religious art, depictions of Jesus tend to feature him as saintly, reverential, floating above mere mortals or healing them with his touch (or he’s a baby). But a sculpture by artist Timothy P. Schmalz shows Jesus as a homeless man wrapped in a blanket, asleep on a bench.

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Post image for The Nomadic Arctic Landmass that Became a New Nation

Back in 2012, a curious landmass journeyed around the coast of England, broken free from the Arctic, where it had long been invisible under a glacier. Nowhereisland, as it was anointed by its discoverer, artist Alex Hartley, became land art on a massive scale.

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Post image for Atlanta Officials Propose Regulating “Public Art” on Private Property

City Councilmembers in Atlanta are proposing an ordinance that would require anyone wishing to display “public art” on their private property to obtain a labyrinthine string of permits and approvals, Creative Loafing has reported.

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Post image for Art Tackles Water and Ocean Sustainability, Times Square Arts Talk Jan 27 with Laleh Khorramian and Andrew Hudson

Artist Laleh Khorramian and Andrew Hudson, head of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Water and Ocean Governance Programme, discuss art as a catalyst for global conversations within the context of water and ocean sustainability issues in this special talk co-presented by Times Square Arts and the UNDP.

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Post image for NYC Sculpture Park Places Fence Around ‘Controversial’ Artwork [UPDATED]

A work on view in Socrates Sculpture Park’s Emerging Artist Fellowship exhibition has been surrounded by a tall wood fence after some Queens residents complained that it was lewd and inappropriate, the New York Times reports.

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Flowers on the Blue Line

by Alicia Eler on December 26, 2013

Post image for Flowers on the Blue Line

CHICAGO — For two days in a row this past weekend, I boarded the train to Forest Park at the Damen Blue Line station. Dragging my feet up the snow- and dirt-muddied stairs, I looked up to see flowers — actually collages of images of flowers, cacti, and other foliage. They were, I soon learned, created by artist Stephen Eichhorn.

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Post image for An Artist Takes Feminism to the Stoops

“It’s a utopian vision of Brooklyn, isn’t it?” A friend asked this as we stood in the middle of her Prospect Heights block, watching people swirl around us, and I agreed. There appeared to be representatives of so many different races, ethnicities, genders, and economic classes, all packed into that one block, Park Place between Underhill and Vanderbilt Avenues.

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Post image for Sheriff Orders Removal of Sculptures Deemed “Possible Weapons”

Found-object sculptures that were on view in a government building in Morristown, New Jersey, have been removed, after the local sheriff decided that they were “possible weapons to be used against the public.”

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