Ray Johnson

Post image for 10 Stellar Culture Documentaries the Oscars Snubbed

Here is my roundup, not only of films from the last year but of the past decade. These are films that you may have missed in theatres, never saw because they got a one week showing in NYC and LA and nowhere else, or that were simply too far below the radar.

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Post image for Man of Letters: Ray Johnson Art in Motion

While the increased availability of Ray Johnson’s letters, notes, and statements subtilizes our understanding of this legendarily well-connected yet enigmatic artist, his flattened logorrheia is also just fun to read.

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Post image for Underrecognized, Bowie’s Glam Drives a Retrospective of 1970s Art

BRIGHTON, UK — For several decades now we have been laboring under the impression David Bowie is a pop star. But a new show at Tate Liverpool puts Bowie where he firmly belongs, as a central figure in art. It proves the pioneering musician is also a muse, a performance artist, and a conceptualist all rolled into one.

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A Loose History of Misbehaving

by Howard Hurst on August 16, 2012

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Curated by Scott Hug, B-Out at Andrew Edlin Gallery, weaves together over 100 artists into an imaginative installation that illustrates a partial and subjective history of what it means to create outside the norm.

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Required Reading

by Hrag Vartanian on August 14, 2011

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This week, architect Frank Lloyd Wright talks about the corner window, which he says is “an idea conceived early in my work that the box is a fascist symbol,” the mess that Mark Rothko’s suicide created, the first signs of street art about the UK riots, discovering work from the master of correspondence art, even the treat of death won’t deter copyright infringement, Doris Salcedo on memory in art, more detailed plans for Apple’s new HQ and a geographically accurate map of the London tube.

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Post image for Mail Art Bulletin: No History, Only a Present

As we dig through our Mail Art Bulletin submissions, our participants have taken to constructing a history of Mail Art through correspondence. We received three envelopes with references to Ray Johnson, the godfather of mail art.

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