Regina Rex

Post image for Regina Rex Out Amid Gallery Shakeup at 17-17 Troutman

Regina Rex’s closure Sunday was the first public development in a campaign begun six months ago by the building’s landlord, David Steinberg, that placed pressure on the half-dozen gallery tenants in his loft building at 17-17 Troutman Street in Queens.

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Post image for NEWD Art Fair Set to Open During 2014 Bushwick Open Studios

An upstart art fair in the nebulous East Williamsburg/Bushwick region, NEWD, is throwing its hat into the ring during the 2014 Bushwick Open Studios.

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Post image for Not Taking the 1990s Very Seriously

The group show SQUIRTS at Regina Rex is small and succinct but manages to convey a lot in the gallery’s diminutive space. April Childers, David Leggett, and Max Maslansky mine pop culture imagery to deliver — according to the press release — “hard and fast truths through urgent expression.” The artists in the show share a strong tendency toward irony, the use of found objects and imagery, sexual awkwardness, cheeky humor, and work that is just plain fun to look at.

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Post image for Pattern Recognition: Seven Bushwick/Ridgewood Shows

For those who love the vibrant art scene of Bushwick and its younger sister in Queens, Ridgewood, it is a good time to venture through the area’s galleries to see a wide range of work that is sure to inspire and provoke conversation. These are seven shows that are worth a look.

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Peter Krashes

This September, every gallery in Bushwick is opening with some of the strongest shows the neighborhood has ever seen. Here, we outline the best shows to see (which, oddly enough, is almost all of them), and when and where to see them. Bushwick has certainly grown into its own as New York City’s youngest art district, and this powerhouse lineup of September openers proves it.

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Who is Regina Rex?

by Howard Hurst on August 2, 2012

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One of the founding members of the often praised Ridgewood/Bushwick space, Regina, Rex, has gone Manhattan with a new gallery on the Lower East Side, Eli Ping.

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Post image for Hanging Art in a Broom Closet

On my last trip to Chelsea, hoping to find something unusual, I was largely disappointed. Making my way through the crowded beehive gallery building at 526 West 26th Street, I felt doom encroach upon my heart, as each show struck at me with numbing sameness. Then, I suddenly and happily stumbled upon a glaring abnormality: The nonprofit Art Bridge has opened a small “drawing room” in what used to be a broom closet. The exhibition space is beyond small, but it offers a refreshing retreat from its flashier, disappointing neighbors.

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Post image for The Part of Bushwick Open Studios that is Actually Ridgewood

Despite its name, the sprawling weekend (June 1–3) of Bushwick Open Studios actually overtakes the bounds of one neighborhood into the greater North Brooklyn art scene, including some spaces in another borough entirely.

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Post image for Four Paintings in a White Box

Last weekend I visited Regina Rex in Ridgewood, Queens, and it felt like a relief to be able to spend time in a gallery that also inhabits a studio building, which means being surrounded by artists rather than dealers.

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Post image for Bushwick Bar & Art Space Pairings: A Helpful Guide

The big question for the Bushwick art visitor is which bar do we go to after the art venue, and which choice with complement our choice for the night … I think I can help. Thanks to the thorough research I have been deeply engaged in, I have recognized certain patterns of conduct among the members of the Bushwick art scene and the bars they frequent after openings and visits. Here’s a helpful little guide.

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