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Post image for Light up a Lithophane, Reveal a Hidden 19th-Century Image

Imperceptible in the light, only when illuminated by flame in the dark is a 19th-century lithophane image revealed.

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Post image for A Visit to an Overlooked Folk Art Cave of Crystals

MEMPHIS — Secreted in a cemetery in Memphis is a meditative work of 1930s folk art, a man-made cave created from five tons of quartz crystal and a unique process of turning concrete to wood.

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Post image for Courtauld Institute Attempts to Catalogue Every Work of Gothic Ivory Art

The last time anyone attempted to catalogue all known Gothic ivory sculpture was a three-volume publication from a French scholar in 1924, but now the Gothic Ivories Project at London’s Courtauld Institute of Art is taking a 21st century stab at it with an online database.

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Sustainable Buddhas Made of Cardboard

by An Xiao on July 31, 2012

Post image for Sustainable Buddhas Made of Cardboard

LOS ANGELES —Travel around East and Southeast Asia enough and you’ll invariably come across at least one big Buddha. Cut from stone or marble or any other substantive material, they dominate the room with their presence. Then there’s Kobe-based sculptor Yuji Honbori.

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