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Post image for Grace Jones’s Indelible Influence on Contemporary Art

SAN FRANCISCO — The Jamaican-born supermodel, actress, singer, songwriter, and record producer Grace Jones has been a unique force in many worlds, which has led her to be both a subject and inspiration for much contemporary art.

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Post image for Charting Chinese History with 17th-Century Jesuit World Maps

Mounted on remnants of the old Ming Dynasty city wall, which once surrounded Beijing, are Western clocks and astronomical instruments for observing celestial bodies.

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Post image for The Many Identities of Raphael’s “Lady with a Unicorn”

The 16th-century “Portrait of a Lady with a Unicorn” by Raphael was altered twice: first by the artist, who replaced a lap dog with a tiny unicorn; then in the 17th century, when the sitter’s bare shoulders were covered and the broken martyrdom wheel of St. Catherine of Alexandria was painted over the mythical creature.

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Post image for Display of Canned Parrot Meat Ruffles Feathers in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO — PETA and animal lovers can relax: the meat within the metal isn’t real. The cans are (of course) part of an art installation.

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Crowded by Beauty: A Biography of Philip Whalen

by Aram Saroyan on October 11, 2015

Post image for Crowded by Beauty: A Biography of Philip Whalen

Identified as a member of both the Beat Generation and the San Francisco Poetry Renaissance of the mid-1950s, Philip Whalen (1923-2002) wrote poems and two novels marked by a sensibility that was his alone.

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San Francisco Is Losing Its Artists

by Caille Millner on September 30, 2015

Post image for San Francisco Is Losing Its Artists

SAN FRANCISCO — One of this city’s most-discussed recent performances took place on the morning of April 1, 2014.

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Post image for In the Bay Area, Adjuncts and Artists Unite to Unionize

SAN FRANCISCO — It is no longer a stretch to draw connections between adjunct professors and other workers in the service economy. The corporate university model is deeply invested in the notion that treating all of its employees as disposable labor can maximize profits.

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Post image for Tracing the Origins of San Francisco’s Gentrification

You might call the South of Market area in San Francisco the cradle of gentrification.

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Post image for Frank Lloyd Wright’s West Coast Experiment, Ramping Up to the Guggenheim

Before the quarter-mile ramp of New York’s Guggenheim Museum, Frank Lloyd Wright envisioned a smaller slope on the West Coast.

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Chelsea Rae Klein,

SAN FRANCISCO — Can the stories of queer soldiers being marginalized, brutalized, and disenfranchised in the United States be considered dreams, or would it be more appropriate to call them nightmares?

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