San Francisco

Post image for Tracing the Origins of San Francisco’s Gentrification

You might call the South of Market area in San Francisco the cradle of gentrification.

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Post image for Frank Lloyd Wright’s West Coast Experiment, Ramping Up to the Guggenheim

Before the quarter-mile ramp of New York’s Guggenheim Museum, Frank Lloyd Wright envisioned a smaller slope on the West Coast.

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Chelsea Rae Klein,

SAN FRANCISCO — Can the stories of queer soldiers being marginalized, brutalized, and disenfranchised in the United States be considered dreams, or would it be more appropriate to call them nightmares?

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Post image for Oldest San Francisco Arts Nonprofit Suspends Curatorial Programs

SAN FRANCISCO — Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco’s oldest alternative arts space, has suspended curatorial programs and halved its staff, KQED reported last week.

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Post image for The Inescapable Sounds of the Everyday

SAN FRANCISCO — I visited during a hell of a week for the City by the Bay. With temperatures soaring into the 90s, the sounds of fans, ice cream trucks, and San Franciscans complaining about the heat wave and lack of air-conditioning filled the air.

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Post image for Tech Boom Brings San Francisco Gallery Diaspora

Months before his death in 2011, Steve Jobs told a crowd gathered for the unveiling of the iPad 2: “It is in Apple’s DNA that technology alone is not enough — it’s technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the results that make our heart sing.”

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Post image for Google to Hang Its Doodle in San Francisco’s Mission District

In the Bay Area, where Silicon Valley’s private-shuttle ingenues are a nightmare vanguard to low-income residents in rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods, Google has taken the unprecedented step of directly leasing office space in one such area: San Francisco’s Mission district.

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Post image for Art, Tech, and Gentrification in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO — As fleets of shuttle buses take employees to their respective Silicon Valley campuses, resentment and tension grows in the Bay Area. Last week, protesters blocked one such Google bus in an effort to draw attention to the widening gap between the technology industry and the communities it affects; a union organizer impersonated a tech worker to incite dialogue through performative gesture.

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Mapping San Francisco’s Literary History

by An Xiao on November 8, 2013

Post image for Mapping San Francisco’s Literary History

OAKLAND, Calif. — San Francisco has become a city of gadgets, but it’s always been a city of letters. The town was central to the Beat movement in the 50’s, and the recent, city-wide SF Lit Crawl shed light on its wide variety of independent bookstores.

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Post image for San Francisco Bay Bridge Turns into the World’s Largest Light Installation

The western span of the San Francisco Bay Bridge is coming alive. Starting March 5, it will light up nightly with 25,000 LEDs strung along its network of support cables, turning into the largest light sculpture in the world. In a preliminary test video of the installation by American artist Leo Villareal, the LED sparks flicker and dance along the length of the bridge, giving the inert structure a whimsical, digital personality that befits the technology capital of the U.S.

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