Sarah Faux

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NADA New York, the New Art Dealers Alliance’s (NADA) hometown art fair, has a reputation for showing a certain type of clinical, vaguely cynical, and aggressively cool contemporary art.

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Two years ago, Sharon Butler came out with “Abstract Painting: The New Casualists,” an essay addressing the “studied, passive-aggressive incompleteness to much of the most interesting abstract work that painters are making today.”

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Online Art Galleries Go Indie

by Kyle Chayka on January 29, 2013

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Lately, the art world has been awash in technology-driven art start-ups, including well-funded ventures like 20×200, Artsy, and Artspace that dominate headlines by providing access to buying (or at least window shopping) art to a wider audience than blue-chip collectors. Making the gallery experience less intimidating is all well and good, but what about the nice parts of going to a small, hip art space and being able to pick out a piece that you might be able to afford? The good news is that a pair of independent, effortlessly cool online art galleries have recently launched to provide engaged collectors with the chance to follow specific curatorial voices.

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