Post image for Revisiting the First American Folk Art Museum, Founded by a Modernist Sculptor

The rough finishes and loose poses of Elie Nadelman’s sculptures of circus performers, pianists, and dancers were influenced by his incredible collection of folk art.

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Post image for The Life of One of the 20th Century’s Most Influential Nude Models

“That which is the immodesty of other women has been my virtue — my willingness that the world should gaze upon my figure unadorned,” Audrey Munson, the favorite nude model of the Beaux Arts movement in the United States, once proclaimed.

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Post image for Mechanized Art that Makes a Mop Talk and a Medicine Cabinet Tell Time

Even a plank of wood has kinetic possibilities in the art of Tim Hawkinson.

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Post image for A Tactile Tour of Isamu Noguchi and Martha Graham’s 1940s Dance Sets

For over three decades, Martha Graham danced her most compelling choreography on and around the abstract sculpture of Isamu Noguchi.

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Post image for The Unsung Female Muses of New York’s Public Sculpture

New York City is seriously lacking in sculptures of historic women, with just five among the hundreds of bronzes and granite monuments in the five boroughs. Yet look into the faces of some of its allegorical figures — its angels, goddesses, and symbols of victory — and there are other real women embodied in these statues, even if their names are often lost.

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Post image for A Skull Carved from a Meteorite Lands on the Auction Block

The skull is a universal symbol of mortality, appearing in artworks by everyone from Hans Holbein the Younger and Albrecht Dürer to Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

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Photo Essays

Pablo Picasso, Now in 3D

by Benjamin Sutton on September 10, 2015

Post image for Pablo Picasso, Now in 3D

It’s hard to get excited for another Pablo Picasso exhibition. He is, after all, the Steven Spielberg of European modernism — flashy, prolific, proficient at a vast range of genres, and overrepresented in the mainstream cultural canon.

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Post image for A Granite Sculptor’s Last and Largest Work Completed in His Memory

On June 15, Jesús Moroles was driving from his home in Rockport, Texas, to Chickasha, Oklahoma, to continue work on the largest granite project of his career when he was killed in a car crash.

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Post image for Seeing the Art for the Trees

CHICAGO — In the entire history of art, how many works depict a tree as their main subject?

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Post image for The 19th-Century Slave Sculpture that Exposed Americans to Nudity in Art

The first nude sculpture of a woman widely seen by the American public depicted a slave, just decades before the Civil War.

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