Post image for New Tally Shows Sexism Alive and Well at Top NYC Art Galleries

Curator Maura Reilly posted an image of compiled gallery gender statistics on Facebook today, a “report card” by anonymous feminist art collective Pussy Galore showing the percentages of women represented by some of the top art galleries in New York City.

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Post image for Women Excluded from Disciplines That Prize “Raw Intellectual Talent,” Study Finds

The problem, which we often write off to the sorts of research agendas women have historically been encouraged to pursue (namely, non-scientific ones), may not be as straightforward as we tend to believe.

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Post image for “I Like Art by Men Better”: Gender by the Numbers at Art Basel Miami Beach

The last time I spoke with Micol Hebron, earlier this year, she was spearheading Gallery Tally, a project for which she and a small army of volunteers count the numbers of men and women artists on the rosters of art galleries. A week and a half ago, Hebron was in Miami for the art fairs, so she took the opportunity to do some more counting.

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Post image for On Ken Johnson and the Question of Sexism

Two weeks ago, when critic Ken Johnson reviewed Michelle Grabner’s current solo exhibition in the New York Times, he fell into a trap. Johnson didn’t like Grabner’s work, which is fine, but rather than breaking it down to understand why he didn’t like it, he resorted to half-baked biographical stereotyping.

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Post image for Assessing the Gender Gap in Architecture

Here’s your daily dose of gender gap reality: although more women seem to be going into architecture, parity between the sexes remains far off in the field.

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How Not to Write About Women Artists

by Alex Heimbach on August 27, 2014

'Women Photographers: From Julia Margaret Cameron to Cindy Sherman'

Gertrude Käsbeir and Rinko Kawauchi have two things in common: they’re women and they’re photographers.

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Post image for Is There Really Nothing Left to Say About Purity Ball Photos?

Considering they’ve been making the internet rounds for over a month, I did not want to write about David Magnusson’s photographs of fathers and daughters who attend purity balls.

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Post image for Counting the Women Online and in Print

If you are a woman writer who uses the internet, there’s a good chance you spent at least some portion of yesterday looking at (or bookmarking for later) the new VIDA count. For those unfamiliar with it, the VIDA count is an annual tally of the gender gap at literary publications.

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Post image for Swedes to Apply Gender Ratings to Movies

Four Swedish film organizations are banding together to fight sexism by applying a letter-grade rating to new releases, the Independent reports. That’s awesome news in and of itself, but the idea is even cooler because it’s based on criteria that come from a comic strip by cartoonist Alison Bechdel.

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Facebook Is for Moms

by Alicia Eler on July 3, 2013

Post image for Facebook Is for Moms

CHICAGO — There is a set of culturally acceptable ways for mothers to be and behave in the world. Mothers aren’t allowed to have their own lives or be sexual; in essence, they’re not allowed to be human beings. When an artist who’s also a mother crosses these lines, people often react in ways that are predictable yet simultaneously a grim reflection on where we still stand culturally in regards to women and feminism.

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