Post image for A Smithsonian Pop-up Show Finds Common Ground in Our Eclectic Stories

WASHINGTON, DC — I had a moment of hesitation when walking into the CrossLines exhibition, particularly when I saw the subtitle, “A Culture Lab on Intersectionality,” and the blurb that further claimed that “40+ artists and scholars explore race, gender, class, ethnicity, religion, sexuality and disability.” What, no hetero-patriarchy?

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Post image for See the Smithsonian Archive’s Collection of Artists’ Handwritten Letters

Whatever skeptics may say about the pseudoscience of graphology (handwriting analysis), it’s hard to deny that handwriting expresses feeling and style — especially, in many cases, when it’s the handwriting of an artist. Georgia O’Keeffe’s bold, squiggly lines and lack of punctuation ignored conventions of grammar and penmanship.

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Post image for The Elegant Architecture of Airport Control Towers

Beginning in 2006, Smithsonian photographer Carolyn Russo journeyed through 23 countries, documenting the one structure nearly every traveler arriving by air sees: the airport tower.

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Post image for A Sign the Smithsonian Is Getting Nervous About Cosby Exhibition

In the wake of new controversy over AP’s discovery that the Cosbys bankrolled the entire show, the Smithsonian has finally mustered up the courage to take some visible form of action.

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Post image for Bill and Camille Cosby Funded the Smithsonian’s Exhibition of Their Art

Over the past few months, the Smithsonian has been criticized for not addressing the rape claims leveled against Bill Cosby.

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Post image for Protesters Demand Smithsonian Kick David Koch Off National Museum of Natural History Board,

WASHINGTON, DC — Chanting “kick Koch off the board” and lifting signs with slogans like, “climate deniers out of science museums,” a crowd of protesters picketed in front of the Smithsonian Institution Building (The Castle) just after 12:30pm.

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Post image for Smithsonian Digitizes 40,000 Artworks from Asia

Beginning today, art lovers around the world can peruse the entire collections of two Smithsonian Asian art museums from the comfort of their homes.

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Post image for Rare Portraits of Kings and Commoners from 20th-Century Nigeria

For over five decades Chief Solomon Osagie Alonge photographed the royal court and everyday life of Benin, Nigeria. Drawing on their collection of over 2,000 glass plate and large format film negatives, as well as around 100 prints, the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art is exhibiting some of his rarely seen photographs.

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Artist’s Diaries Since 1865

by Laura C. Mallonee on October 6, 2014

A Day in the Life: Artists' Diaries from the Archives of American Art

From Vincent Van Gogh to Joseph Cornell, writing has always been a crucial part of the artist’s life.

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Post image for The Arrows of the Last Yahi Indian, Who Chose to Live Out His Final Days in a Museum

It’s just a couple of arrows, but the pair of slender wood weapons are a reminder of a man who chose to live the rest of his life in museum rather than a reservation.

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