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Post image for After Merger, Corcoran Gallery of Art Faces Uncertain Future

On Saturday, the Corcoran Gallery of Art played host to a guerrilla funeral, not for a generous public figure or beloved artist, but for the institution itself.

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LACMA with Snapchat logo

Social media has become a staple of museum communications plans, so we weren’t surprised to learn that the Los Angeles County Museum of Art became the first museum to join the Venice Beach–based social network last month.

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If They Gunned Me Down tweet

Last night, in Ferguson, Missouri, police in riot gear entered residential neighbourhoods and lobbed teargas, flash bombs, rubber bullets, and noise cannons (also known as LRAD or Long Range Acoustic Devices) at people who were gathered peacefully to protest the killing of an unarmed 18-year-old, Michael Brown, by a still un-identified policeman.

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Post image for Painting with 5,000 Facebook Friends in Your Studio

LOS ANGELES — Most artists like to think of their studios as private domains: as places where they can wrestle with the problems and possibilities of art making without anyone looking over their shoulder. Mark Dutcher, a Los Angeles painter, has spent the last five years gradually breaking down that privacy.

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Post image for Your Concise Guide to Social Media’s Female Nipple Policies

What is it about women’s bare nipples that gets social media platforms so riled up? In the past months countless images have been removed from Instagram and Facebook because of their inclusion of female nipples while shirtless men and graphic violence remain uncensored.

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Post image for The Facebook Martyrdom of a Digital Activist

I’m not sure why plays without actors have become a trend in theater, but between Gabriel Lester’s “Super Sargasso Sea (phantom play #1)” at Abrons Arts Center last November during Performa 13 and this week’s production of Rabih Mroué and Lina Saneh’s “33 rpm and a few seconds” at Asia Society, the notion of a humanless theater isn’t odd anymore.

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Chat Bots and Big Data

by An Xiao on December 16, 2013

Post image for Chat Bots and Big Data

OAKLAND, Calif. — With our data-driven lives, so much of what we do can be seen through the lens of algorithms.

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Going Private: From WeChat to SnapChat

by An Xiao on December 4, 2013

Post image for Going Private: From WeChat to SnapChat

Around this time last year, Instagram caused a flurry after attempting to change its terms of service — what the Globe and Mail’s Russell Smith called “an apparent move to appropriate and sell every user’s photos.” Smith pondered how growing awareness of the public documentation of our private lives will play out.

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Artists Auction Their Facebook Profiles

by An Xiao on November 19, 2013

Post image for Artists Auction Their Facebook Profiles

Organized by Bailey, Mathé and Hunt, a one-day event placed artists’ social media profiles up for bidding.

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