Post image for A Sonic Alarm for Our Natural World Going Silent

Bernie Krause has listened to nature since 1968, and in his decades recording environmental noise has become attuned to its changes.

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Post image for Listen to the Resurrected Voice of Alexander Graham Bell

WASHINGTON, DC — Out of patent litigation paranoia, inventor Alexander Graham Bell donated copies of his devices and sound recordings directly to the Smithsonian.

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Post image for British Library Says 6.5 Million Sounds Are in Jeopardy

Last week, the British Library launched a £40m ($60m) crowdfunding initiative to preserve its archive of over six million sound recordings.

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Post image for NASA Releases Audio of Space Exploration into the Public Domain

A cosmic collection of sounds from space exploration is now available in the public domain. NASA has launched a sound library starting with over 60 samples of mission control, rockets firing, Sputnik beeping along in orbit, and the eerie harmonies of the universe.

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Post image for Recovering the History of Sound in Video Games

The sound of video games has transformed from something seemingly mechanical accenting action to incredibly elaborate acoustic landscapes setting the mood for play. To preserve this history, and show why it’s worth exploring, a new documentary and archive project are underway.

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Post image for New Algorithm Turns the Emotion of Language into Music

The future of e-books, or any electronic text, may be soundtracked. A new experiment in automation is generating music in response to the emotion of words in literature.

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Post image for What’s the Most Beautiful Sound You’ve Ever Heard?

What’s the most beautiful sound you can think of? The Most Beautiful Sound in the World competition was recently launched to pit these different sonic captures against each other.

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The Quietest Room on Earth Will Drive You Crazy

by An Xiao on April 13, 2012

Post image for The Quietest Room on Earth Will Drive You Crazy

LOS ANGELES — We all seek peace and quiet in our studio work. For some, the studio is a sacred place, where the work comes alive in solitude and silence. But can there be too much solitude and silence?

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