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Post image for In the Face of Violence, a Mexican Artist Finds Sanity in Stereotypes

When Mexico City artist Saner started talking with Jonathan LeVine Gallery about his first solo show with the space, the 43 students in the rural town of Ayotzinapa, Mexico, who would be disappeared by military and police in late September 2014, were still going about their daily lives.

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Street Artist Tells Bill Cosby to Fess Up

by Vic Vaiana on January 28, 2015

Post image for Street Artist Tells Bill Cosby to Fess Up

Artists have been largely absent from the public discourse surrounding the allegations of sexual assault against Bill Cosby, another of which was just lodged, and about which the comedian remains silent.

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Post image for Street Artist Sues Developer for Using His Mural to Sell Condos

The street artist Craig Anthony Miller is suing the real estate developer Toll Brothers for using a mural he painted in Dumbo, Brooklyn, to market a nearby condo development.

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Post image for Instagram Photos Reappear on the Streets Where They Were Taken

What if instead of only showing up online, your Instagram photos of sunsets, street art, photogenic cityscapes, or alluring strangers on subway platforms were posted back into New York City’s public spaces?

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Post image for Artists Paint the Town of Johannesburg Pink

When is unauthorized street art actually art, and when is it vandalism? It’s a question the city of Johannesburg has wrestled with since last summer.

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Post image for A Brazilian Street Art Community Wracked by Tragedy

Four Brazilian graffiti artists who initiated a protest against police brutality in São Paulo last August are the subjects of a new documentary.

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Post image for Making It, and Not, in Montreal’s Street Art Scene

Few North American cities wear their street art so prominently on their sleeve as Montreal. This exceptionally vibrant community is the focus of the documentary Bienvenue / Welcome, for which director Maxime Charron is in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign.

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Post image for Portraits from Ellis Island’s Abandoned Immigrant Hospital

The Ellis Island hospital, which treated 1.2 million immigrant patients between 1901 and its abandonment in 1954, is once again open to the public. In conjunction with the reopening, the French street artist JR has installed paste ups of archival photographs throughout the building that give a historic, human context to the decrepit space.

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Post image for The Women Tagging and Painting the Streets of Bogotá

BOGOTÁ, Colombia — Here, where graffiti is classified as a violation rather than a crime, street artists do not have to hide. Bright murals, often uncompromisingly political, cover public walls, as well as those of home and business owners who, understanding the value (cultural and financial), allow their own properties to be used as a canvas.

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Rue Dénoyez

The tiny, two-block-long Rue Dénoyez in Paris’s 20th arrondissement has been one of the French capital’s foremost street art venues for years, but two subsidized housing projects could spell the end for this plein air gallery.

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