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Post image for Portraits of Powerful Women on the Streets of Senegal

French street artist YZ has begun a striking new series of portraits in Senegal.

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Post image for Why Aren’t “Women Street Artists” Just “Street Artists”?

As a young woman and an emerging artist with a connection to street art, I am trying to understand my identity within the artsphere.

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Post image for A Conference Considers the Philosophy of Street Art

Today, a three-day conference titled Philosophy of Street Art: Art in and of the Street begins at Pratt Institute and New York University.

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Post image for In Malmö, Street Art with a Social Conscience

MALMÖ — The capital of Skåne County, Sweden, enjoys a scenic coastal location, across the Öresund strait from Copenhagen, and has a strong creative output — in the words of one artist I met, it’s Sweden’s best city for street art.

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Post image for Egypt Customs Officials Seize Street Art Books for “Instigating Revolt”

Egyptian customs officials in Alexandria have reportedly seized a shipment of 400 copies of the art book Walls of Freedom: Street Art of the Egyptian Revolution, over fears that it might incite rebellion.

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Christy Rupp,

Christy Rupp burst onto the New York art scene with “Rat Patrol,” a street art response to the sanitation strike of 1979.

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Post image for Painting as Protest on Mexico’s Walls

In the 1920s and ’30s, Mexican muralists like Diego Rivera and José Clemente Orozco painted murals that powerfully illustrated the issues of their day. Today, street artists rule the nation’s walls.

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Post image for In the Face of Violence, a Mexican Artist Finds Sanity in Stereotypes

When Mexico City artist Saner started talking with Jonathan LeVine Gallery about his first solo show with the space, the 43 students in the rural town of Ayotzinapa, Mexico, who would be disappeared by military and police in late September 2014, were still going about their daily lives.

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Street Artist Tells Bill Cosby to Fess Up

by Vic Vaiana on January 28, 2015

Post image for Street Artist Tells Bill Cosby to Fess Up

Artists have been largely absent from the public discourse surrounding the allegations of sexual assault against Bill Cosby, another of which was just lodged, and about which the comedian remains silent.

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Post image for Street Artist Sues Developer for Using His Mural to Sell Condos

The street artist Craig Anthony Miller is suing the real estate developer Toll Brothers for using a mural he painted in Dumbo, Brooklyn, to market a nearby condo development.

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