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Post image for A Visit to Portland’s Graffiti Haven

PORTLAND, Ore. — When I asked artist Rx Skulls where to shoot graffiti and street art when I came to town this past April, his most emphatic suggestion was Taylor Electric.

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Post image for Banksy Vandalism Drama Alert!

Street artist Banksy has obviously gone to a whole new level when he is the subject of TMZ EXCLUSIVE!!!!! reports.

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Post image for Atlanta Officials Propose Regulating “Public Art” on Private Property

City Councilmembers in Atlanta are proposing an ordinance that would require anyone wishing to display “public art” on their private property to obtain a labyrinthine string of permits and approvals, Creative Loafing has reported.

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Post image for Testifying on the Walls: A Street Artist’s Urban Love Letters

Meticulously painted like old advertising signs but conveying the kind of telegraphed poetry you might find scrawled on a bathroom wall, Stephen Powers’s murals have been lodged into the street dialogue of cities from New York to Philadelphia to Belfast. A new book brings together the narrative of his public art for the first time.

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Post image for A Rap Epic for the Enigmatic Toynbee Tiles

Tiles embedded in busy intersections around North and South America have been appearing for two decades. No one knows who their creator is, but the Toynbee tiles, as they’re called, have been the subject of a 2011 documentary and extensive archiving and mapping of their locations. Now the cryptic phenomenon has its own rap epic.

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Post image for Paris Censorship Brings Attention to Street Artist’s Cause

Over the past few years, a tiny corner in eastern Paris known as the 13th Arrondissement has become a graffiti mecca, thanks in part to the district’s town hall, which has generally supported artists. Last fall, it sponsored Tour Paris 13, a temporary temple to the spray-can that formed the largest-ever collection of street art. The neighborhood is also home to Les Frigos, a street artist’s squat. Now, it seems the winds may have changed.

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When Is a Mural Not a Mural?

by RJ Rushmore on January 29, 2014

Post image for When Is a Mural Not a Mural?

With strict regulations on murals only recently lifted in Los Angeles, you might think that the artists and public art facilitators who fought so hard to make murals legal again would be playing it safe to start. You would be wrong.

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Post image for The Vilification of Banksy’s Success

Banksy’s month-long New York residency might as well have been entitled, ‘The Banksy rehabilitation program.’ In coming to New York, the artist wasn’t simply courting a new American audience. He sought to rehabilitate his image with his former fans — Brits like me — whose interest tapered off long ago.

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Post image for Subway Street Art Gets on the GIF Train

Artists Jilly Ballistic and Ryan Seslow have recently started creating their own version of GIF-iti.

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Photo Essays

5Pointz: The Morning After

by Hrag Vartanian on November 20, 2013

Post image for 5Pointz: The Morning After

This morning 5Pointz was largely deserted. There was hardly anyone in sight after a firestorm of online protest about the midnight buff that erased over a decade of graffiti and street art history in Long Island City.

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