Post image for The Dystopian Possibilities of a Drawing Machine

For all those who could never quite manage a straight line in Drawing 101, Saurabh Datta may have an answer.

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Post image for Microsoft HoloLens Renders the Internet in 3D

The cyberpunk literary tradition anticipated a series of real-world technical developments in which the digital and the spatial converge.

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Post image for Cyberfeminists Go Deep on Big Data, Privacy, and Surveillance

In mid-December, 12 hackers, artists, coders, and activists gathered to tackle issues of privacy, surveillance, anonymity, and big data as they manifest in our society.

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After Dark at Tate Britain

Anyone can visit Tate Britain without leaving her home thanks to Google Art Project, but how about doing so while its galleries are dark, and furthermore, with greater authority?

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Kazuki Umezawa, “AR Image Core Involving All”

Art scholar Michio Hayashi theorized that the popular perception of “Japaneseness” in the West was cemented in the 1980s by triangulating “kitsch hybridity,” “primordial nature,” and “technological sophistication.”

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A Dance of Digital Shadows

by Daniel Larkin on June 27, 2014

Post image for A Dance of Digital Shadows

Technologies that didn’t exist 10 years are opening up fresh possibilities for choreographers and their collaborators. Interactive designer Matt Romein’s recent collaborative presentation with choreographer Sophie Sotsky harnessed new developments in motion-capture technology, video programming language, and sound editing to create a truly contemporary dance performance.

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Post image for Message Scent: Smell Phone Makes History

It wasn’t quite as Earth-shaking as Marconi’s 1901 cross-Atlantic radio transmission or Alexander Graham Bell yapping at this assistant on the first telephone call in 1876, but this week the 21st century got its inaugural transatlantic scent message.

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Silicon Valley Gets an Art Fair

by Erin Joyce on April 14, 2014

Post image for Silicon Valley Gets an Art Fair

Another day, another art fair. There has been, in recent years, a massive influx of art fairs, to point where it seems like every major city (and some boutique-y destination cities) has their own. Thus was born Silicon Valley Contemporary, which took place April 10–13 at the San Jose McEnry Convention Center in downtown San Jose.

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Post image for A Google Earth Perspective on Land Art

Earlier today @museumnerd tweeted out a link to a view of Michael Heizer’s land work “Double Negative” (1969) in Google Maps. Viewed in satellite, from high above, Heizer’s 1,500-foot-long trenches looks almost incidental, like cuts made with scissors into the skin of the earth.

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Post image for Smithsonian Brings Google Glass to the Museum

If you’re a simple layperson who’s not yet had the chance to experience the magic that is Google Glass, you may want to visit the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC, starting this Saturday.

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