The Drawing Center

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MEXICO CITY — Architect-turned-conceptual artist Gabriel de la Mora’s work is cold and formal to the point of appearing scientific, yet it is layered with history.

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Drawing the Invisible Shapes of Energy

by Claire Voon on March 16, 2016

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It’s difficult to find spaces of tranquility in downtown Manhattan, much less in Soho, but Louise Despont has created an immersive and meditative space in the Drawing Center that invites you to slow down and shut out the noise of the city.

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Natalie Frank,

Many fairy tales are about young girls and boys whose lives are controlled by the capricious impulses of evil stepmothers, vain queens and repressive fathers.

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Drawing the Face of the War Machine

by Melissa Stern on October 17, 2014

Xanti Schawinsky: Head Drawings and Faces of War

The Drawing Center has mounted a strange and surreal show of drawings by Xanti Schawinsky, an underrated artist whose 50-plus-year career spanned the 1920s to the late ’70s.

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Chiaki Kamikawa, “10 Possible Locations for Secret Talks” (2014), number 6 of 10 drawings, pencil on paper, approximately 8 3/10 x 9 1/10 inches

Simultaneously confounding and illuminating, The Intuitionists at the Drawing Center is a puzzle within a puzzle, a conceptual stunt that raises sticky questions about curatorial responsibility and the structuring of aesthetic experience.

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Post image for The Radical and Contagious Ideas of Lebbeus Woods

The long-awaited exhibition Lebbeus Woods, Architect at the Drawing Center presents works spanning over 35 years of Lebbeus Woods’s radical architecture.

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Post image for Deborah Grant’s Archive of Real and Imagined Encounters

There is a lot to say about Deborah Grant’s installation at the Drawing Center, Christ You Know it Ain’t Easy!!, which was curated by Claire Gilman. What is so delicious about it is that at some point you will not be sure whether any of narratives you’ve applied to the work makes sense.

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An Architecture of Poetry and Sound

by Chloë Bass on December 11, 2013

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To experience “Frolic Architecture” is to enter into a world that feels both familiar and bizarre. The piece, a collaboration between composer David Grubbs and poet Susan Howe is a delicate sound collage, rich with layers, solemn, and mildly, comfortably disjointed.

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Drawing on Urban Life with the Body

by Hrag Vartanian on September 19, 2013

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I’ve always been fascinated with the ancient Western story of the origin of art and that immediately came to mind at the performance of Susan Hefuna and Luca Veggetti’s “NOTATIONOTATIONS” (2013).

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Ken Price’s Time

by John Yau on August 25, 2013

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I was very happy to see the exhibition, but I was not surprised that Ken Price (1935–2012) had to wait until he was safe in heaven dead to have his first museum show in New York, Ken Price Sculpture: A Retrospective, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

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