Thomas Lax

Post image for Can Abstraction Help Us Understand the Value of Black Lives?

ST. LOUIS — Several months ago, I made the commitment to be away from New York City, my home and native land, for the duration of this summer.

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The insane, or seemingly insane, have constituted a good chunk of “outsider art” since the term’s inception, so it’s no surprise that When the Stars Begin to Fall: Imagination and the American South, now in the last week of its run at the Studio Museum in Harlem, includes a few of them.

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Post image for Filling in the Gaps: Feminism’s Continued Relevance in the Arts

This past weekend I joined the audience for the day of panel discussions at the Brooklyn Museum organized by The Feminist Art Project as part of the annual College Art Association Conference. I was only able to stay for the first three and a half panels, in a day that included five. But in those three and a half panels, a clear through-line started to emerge, at least from my perspective. That through-line involved the idea of creating collective histories, of asserting a history that complicates singular narratives, and that makes it clear that whole communities of differing experience and perspective participate in the making and supporting of the arts.

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