Ugandans Fight to Save the Miniskirt

by Ben Valentine on February 27, 2014

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Last week, Ugandan officials passed the 2011 Anti-Pornography Bill. Ugandans on Twitter (#UOT) were quick to join the fray with memes and a hashtag.

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An Anthem For Uganda’s Oppressed Queer Community

by An Xiao on February 11, 2014

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This past December, Uganda’s Parliament passed an Anti-Homosexuality Bill, which would extend criminalization of homosexuality to life in prison and up to seven years for advocacy work. Nkoyooyo Brian decided to respond with an anthem for the country’s LGBTQ community.

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Post image for Where is Ugandan Art? Start Journal Has Some Answers

KAMPALA, Uganda — We gathered on a dusty road in the Kololo neighborhood of Kampala, Uganda’s capital city, for coffee at The Hub, a popular coworking and events space. It had been a few weeks now since the terrific Kampala Art Festival, and I was just scratching the surface of Uganda’s art scene. I knew I had to learn more and invited some of the folks behind Start Journal, Uganda’s premiere art journal, for a conversation. Happily, they agreed.

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Post image for Uganda’s 2nd Annual Contemporary Art Festival Fills Pop-Up Storage Containers

KAMPALA, Uganda — All over Kampala, and in many parts of Uganda, you’ll find them: shipping containers. From and to all over the world, shipping containers arrive and go out. Some stay, serving as a storage container on the side of a road, repurposed for whatever the contents. Others go. But, for this foreigner at least, they make up part of the city’s character.

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