Post image for Good Bye, Lenin! Ukraine Dismantles Its Largest Monument to the Communist Leader

Ukraine’s largest monument to Vladimir Lenin is finally coming down, and you can join local spectators in watching the whole ordeal live.

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Post image for An Artist’s Quest to Confirm a Chernobyl Conspiracy Theory

The Russian Woodpecker is a documentary about zombies.

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Post image for Lenin, I Am Your Father: Darth Vader Engulfs Ukrainian Communist Statue (and Brings Free Wifi)

A city in Ukraine has gone over to the dark side.

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Post image for Soviet Symbols Going Up and Coming Down

It’s been nearly a quarter century since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, but the physical reminders of Central and Eastern Europe’s communist past are still provoking controversy.

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Post image for Kiev’s Attractive New Police Force Told to Pose for Selfies with Civilians

When 2,000 new police officers were sworn into duty in Kiev last Saturday, Ukrainians couldn’t help noticing how attractive the recruits — a quarter of them women — looked.

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Post image for Russian Militants Blow Up Contemporary Art Installation in Ukraine

The cosmetic symbol of Donetsk’s regeneration was blown up this month by Russian separatists who have, since last spring, been waging a war that’s once again reduced parts of the city to rubble.

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Post image for A Public Art Project Casts a Shadow Over Moscow, Crimea, and Ukraine

A towering statue of Vladimir the Great is causing a great deal of anger in Moscow and beyond.

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When a Political Movement Becomes a Monument

by Jeremy Polacek on December 15, 2014

Post image for When a Political Movement Becomes a Monument

Around the world, the aesthetic of revolt flows unabridged, immediate, and jittery, the revolution in any room. Which makes Maidan, Sergei Loznitsa’s unblinking and stirring documentary of last year’s Ukrainian protests that ended in the ouster of President Viktor Yanukovych seem like even more of a formal, rigorous outlier.

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Post image for After Alleged Attack, Making Sense of a Chelsea Exhibition’s Murky Backing

On October 3rd, an assailant and two accomplices allegedly entered the cavernous gallery at 540 West 21st Street in Manhattan’s Chelsea district. What happened next, according to reports published here and in the New York Times, was an assault of the curator, Benjamin Hiller, with pepper spray, and the apparent partial defacing of the exhibition on view.

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Post image for Curator Assaulted by “Paramilitary Thugs” in Kiev

A politically engaged Ukrainian curator was attacked and beaten in an incident in Kiev late last month, The Art Newspaper reported.

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