Post image for How to Fix a Monet After Somebody Punches It

Conservators are probably the closest thing the art world has to surgeons.

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Post image for How to Punch a Monet and Get Away with It

Punching a painting by Claude Monet is never a good idea, as Andrew Shannon learned the hard way last week when he was sentenced to five years in prison for putting his fist through “Argenteuil Basin with a Single Sailboat” (1874) at the National Gallery of Ireland. But if it’s a digital likeness of the $10 million Impressionist painting, like the one that awaits in “Punch a Monet,” all bets — and gloves — are off.

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Post image for When in Rome, Refrain from Carving Your Initials into Ancient Buildings

A 42-year-old Russian tourist visiting Rome was arrested and fined €20,000 (~$25,000) for carving a “K” nearly 10 inches tall into a wall inside the Colosseum, the first century CE amphitheater.

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Vandalism by Casey Nocket at Crater Lake

A hiker who has been painting portraits on cliffs, rocks, and slopes at national parks in the western United States and posting images of the acrylic compositions on social media is now the subject of a National Park Service (NPS) investigation.

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Another Vandal Hits Jeff Koons Retrospective

Last night, a graffiti writer identified by the New York Times as Christopher Johnson, 33, of Manhattan, vandalized a fourth floor wall of the Jeff Koons retrospective at the Whitney Museum of Art.

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Vandals Attack Material Evidence Exhibition in NYC

Three individuals were involved in an attack on an exhibition in Chelsea this morning in which photographs were defaced, neo-Nazi leaflets dispersed, and a curator assaulted with pepper spray, Hyperallergic has learned.

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Koons vandalism

A man briefly disrupted the Jeff Koons retrospective at the Whitney Museum this afternoon, splashing red paint against a wall and signing his name.

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Post image for Metropolitan Opera Defaced by Spray-Paint Vandals

The offices of the Metropolitan Opera in Lincoln Center were spray-painted with obscene messages by vandals overnight, the New York Times reported.

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Banksy Vandalism Drama Alert!

by Hrag Vartanian on April 2, 2014

Post image for Banksy Vandalism Drama Alert!

Street artist Banksy has obviously gone to a whole new level when he is the subject of TMZ EXCLUSIVE!!!!! reports.

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Prada Marfa Vandal Speaks

by Hrag Vartanian on March 21, 2014

Post image for Prada Marfa Vandal Speaks

Shortly after last week’s incident at “Prada Marfa,” Hyperallergic interviewed Joseph Magnano, aka 9271977, the man who vandalized Elmgreen & Dragset’s sculpture in the Texas desert.

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