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Post image for Syrian Video Artists Risk Their Lives to Laugh at ISIS

A bearded man wearing sunglasses and a flak jacket sits on the ground beside a portrait of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as a pro-Assad song plays on the radio. He lifts up the lid of a cooking pot, and a genie emerges.

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Post image for The Bewitching Geometry of the Moving Image Art Fair

Moving Image would be Emily Dickinson’s favorite art fair.

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Exploring Life’s Dead Ends on Repeat

by Melissa Stern on November 20, 2014

Post image for Exploring Life’s Dead Ends on Repeat

Station Independent Projects, a sliver of space on the Lower East Side, is currently presenting a video piece by Pierre St-Jacques that not only transcends the medium’s clichés, but is a work of such intense longing and beauty that stepping back out onto the hubbub of Suffolk Street is a shock.

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Feeling the Current in Santa Fe

by Erin Joyce on June 20, 2014

Post image for Feeling the Current in Santa Fe

SANTA FE — This is a city best known for a gallery circuit saturated with Southwestern and traditional American Indian art; it may be less apparent that there is a dynamic contemporary art scene emerging in this bucolic desert town.

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Post image for 5 Old-School NYC Video Artists You Should Know (and Follow)

Looking at the work of a few pioneers, specifically those on the scene in New York City, it’s obvious that technology was a catalyst for a new type of electronic art; these artists were trailblazers in both fields.

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Post image for Hotel Replaces Porn-on-Demand with Art-on-Demand

The owner of a hotel chain in Scandinavia has decided to ditch the pornography channels in all of his properties, and at one, he’s replacing the porn with contemporary art.

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Post image for The Kaleidoscopic Visions of Leslie Thornton

Most of us are somewhat conscious of the way in which the technological tools both create and limit what is possible visually, and how that evolves over time. Leslie Thornton’s new video work, “Luna,” is a tour de force exploration of these possibilities.

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Post image for Even With Uncertain Future, Video_Dumbo Finds Refuge in Chelsea

After a year of absence, the annual video_dumbo festival has returned with a week of screenings and installations that have video art reflecting on itself. Last night, the central exhibition, Re-Return to Sender, opened at Eyebeam Art + Technology Center in Chelsea. While it’s now extracted from its former Brooklyn home, there is an ongoing installation running alongside at the Front Street gallery space of Dumbo Arts Center, which is continuing its participation in the event as a co-presenter this year.

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Post image for On Being an Artist and a Mother

CHICAGO — What does it mean, bodily, physically, emotionally, mentally, and perhaps spiritually, to be what Simone de Beauvoir deemed “the second sex,” to be a woman and, moreover, to be a mother? These are questions that Chelsea Knight explores in her latest video work “The Breath We Took” (2013), now on view at Aspect Ratio.

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Post image for Get Your Abstract Video Art Projected in MoMA’s Lobby

The Museum of Modern Art wants to use your home videos to decorate its storied lobby and atrium for its next PopRally party. The catch? The submissions have to be totally abstract, and just one minute long.

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